How has the discovery of oil affected state-building in Saudi Arabia?

Compare and contrast the economic and social policies of Arab socialist ruling parties in the 1960s to those of the regimes that succeeded them. Your answer should assess the impact of the different sets of policies on the population in at least two Arab countries.

– Discuss the dual role of the security sector in the Arab World as both a source of political stability and instability.

– How has the discovery of oil affected state-building in Saudi Arabia?

-“Islam constitutes a source of both legitimacy and illegitimacy to some Arab regimes”, discuss this statement.

Organization (30%):

-Title page: should include the title of the paper, students name and ID number, and course title.

-Introduction: should state the purpose of the paper, highlight the research question and the thesis statement, and an overview of the remainder sections of the paper.

-Literature review/Contexts: provides an overview of the different positions while showing its strengths and weaknesses and relates them to the students argument.

-Method/Approach: in this section students should explain the approach or method used in trying to answer the research question.

-Bibliography: lists the sources used in writing the paper

Delivery (20%):

-Students should express their ideas in a coherent and clear manner. They should avoid too many simple grammar and spelling mistakes by running a spelling and grammar check before submitting their paper. Students can also consult the writing center.

Content (50%):

The focus here will be primarily on students analyses and arguments and to a lesser degree on the background information.

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