How far, what was left behind by the glaciers and how?

First page:
describe conditions that are thought to have existed over the past 1000 to 800 million years in both in the Boston metro area and out to the west out through the Berkshire Mountains. Then comes the break-up of Rodinia, the creation of the rocks of eastern Massachusetts, the wedge by wedge growth of Massachusetts, and finally the merging together of Laurentia and Gondwana to form the super continent Pangaea. Then comes the Pangaea break up about 200 million years ago. include a discussion on when the rocks of the Berkshire Mountains formed (many stages), and explain the stages of mountain building, and how high and big those mountains grew to be at that time. important to also discuss the several origins of crystalline bedrock that forms the higher lands surrounding the low-lying areas of Boston, and the formation of the softer bedrocks (Cambridge Argillite/Slate and Roxbury Conglomerate) that underlie the Boston Basin. Include description of these two primary different bedrock types (igneous and sedimentary) in the Boston Basin, and the local areas under which they occur. Also discuss the three series of volcanic and intrusive igneous activity that the Boston area has experienced.

Second page:
‘more recent’ topography changing events of the glaciations that occurred throughout the region during the ice ages withing= the past 2 million years or so. What impacts did glaciation have on the landscape of eastern Massachusetts, and particularly in the Boston area, inside route 128. Discuss extent of glaciation. How far, what was left behind by the glaciers and how? Give particular description to the processes that resulted in the Back Bay and adjacent areas having the soil conditions that are present today. Include formation of the soil stratification that exists at Beacon Hill, Copley Square, the ‘Boston Neck’, Charles River Park and Logan Airport. Discuss the formation of the islands of Boston Harbor and explain how they are different in their origin and geology from Beacon Hill.
Finally include a paragraph discussion to explain the land filling that has occurred over the past 350 years, both at the Mill Pond, Town Cove, South Bay, South Boston, Back Bay and Fenway. Where did all these fills come from? Each is different in the various periods. Explain how these last filling episodes greatly changed the landscape around the former colonial peninsula.

Write about the types of rocks in the same paragraph when you describe the origin of each rock formation.
For time, refer to million of years ago. You should not refer to the geological time period.
Please attach the 6 references.
Font: times new roman, size 12.

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