How does the scene differ when you watch it without the music?

Music Paper. Need in exactly 5 hours.

Choose a scene from a movie.

Watch the scene with the sound on, then with the sound off, and again with the sound on.

Your paper should include:

The name of the movie



Brief description of the scene.

Is the music source music or underscore?

Original music or an adaptation of pre-existing music?

What do you think the director was trying to convey? (perhaps elicit a certain feeling, propel the story forward, evoke a certain place and time in history?)

Does the music help serve that purpose?

How does the scene differ when you watch it without the music?

Do you think it would be possible that the scene might have taken on a different feel or meaning with no music or different music?

What about the music helps it accomplish its goal of heightening whatever it is the director wanted to convey?

Is there anything about the music that detracts from or fails to enhance the scene?

Be specific— listen carefully and use what you know about the building blocks of music and how music is used in film to describe what is happening and communicate your opinion about its effectiveness.


Paper Formatting Requirements:

3-5 pages

double spaced

12-point font

one-inch margins

Your first draft must be a hard copy, turned in in class Tuesday October 20. Your final draft must be turned in through Turnitin on Moodle.

You will be graded on:

grammar, relevancy to the prompt, understanding of the subject matter, clear and effective communication and formatting.

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