How does evidence-based research impact nursing care?

Type all answers to question with the question preceding the answer.

1. Give a brief description of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

2. How is benchmarking used?

3. How does evidence-based research impact nursing care?

4. Describe some of the cultural and gender differences that influence the management of staff.

5. Describe the chain of command in your organization.

6. Explain the concept of shared governance and an example of how it is used.

7. What is philosophy, vision statement and mission when we discuss strategic planning? What is the philosophy, vision statement and mission of your working organization?

8. Describe one type of traditional model of nursing care and give an example.

9. What are the essential elements for the successful implementation of case management in a health care environment?

10. Describe a patient-centered care model of nursing care.

11. List the five areas of competency from the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

12. In your own words, what makes a successful leader?

13. How can a manager/leader assist in change?

14. Describe one strategy in assisting in the change process.

15. List components of quality management. Describe it and its importance in the health care setting.

16. Describe power and how it is used in organizations

17. List four types of interpersonal power used in organizations to influence others

18. Why is it important for nurses to maintain political awareness and knowledge?
19. Describe critical thinking and give six characteristics of an expert critical thinker

20. Define the steps in the problem-solving process.
You may use for reference: Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing by Eleanor J. Sullivan 8th edition, Pearson

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