How does evidence based practice improve patient outcomes?

Evidence based practice (EBP) is the clinical decision making process which is based upon the best available evidence, new research findings, clinical experience and patient preferences. Nurses are expected to implement research findings into their practice, but many are not trained on how to do this. Therefore, it should not be expected that nurses are at the forefront of EBP implementation in the clinical setting.
How does evidence based practice improve patient outcomes?
How is evidence based practice applied theoretically and clinically?
Is it feasible to expect RNs to implement EBP in the clinical setting without training/support?
writer Information contained in the statement should clearly demonstrate the student�s
perspective, which should be supported by current relevant evidence and reflect current policy and practice within the Australian nursing context with clear reference and linkage to the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Standards for Practice,i will attach the NMBA later.i only need 1500 words.and 20 references please . writer this is what i want you to do . (1) EBP support the following . Nurses should be at the forefront of Evidence based practice. (2) Evidence to support this position Middleton , sandy QASC Study – if nurses change their behaviour and implement clinical practice guidelines for stroke patients then patient outcomes improve. if nurses implement EBP it improves patient outcomes. a Good authours: will be Jeremy Grimstiaw EBP patient outcomes. You can google search -EBP patient outcomes or Clinical practice Guidelines patient outcomes or nurses EBP patient outcomes . in Conclusion you can say that . The evidence indicates that if nurses implement EBP this improves patient outcomes hence nurses should be the forefront of EBP. i have attached reference rubric please use it as well, it has got 2 parts but please use only part B Thank you .

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