How does culture impact the campaign?

The following link is a list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands,
In preparation for the assignment, select one brand from the link above. After selecting a brand from the list, select two countries (other than the United States). Construct a 3-5 page paper comparing how this brand is marketed in the United States and the two other countries you selected. Make sure you address cultures and micro-cultures in your paper. You will want to ensure that you answer the following questions:
• What are the differences in the three marketing campaigns?
• Can the brand use the same campaign in all of the countries or do adjustments need to be made for the country?
• How does culture impact the campaign?
• How do micro-cultures impact the marketing campaign?
• Are there any down sides to marketing in another country?
Assignment Requirements:
• Write between 750-1000 words per question using Microsoft Word

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