How do they compare to the state averages in each category?

State Education Standards assignment6Use the information below to guide your research of your states education agency. Once you haveconducted your research, write a two-page synthesis on what you learned through your research.Use the questions posed in the study questions, and the grading criteria in the rubric to help guideyour work on this paper.1. Visit your state education agencys website.a) Can you find your states curriculum standards? What subjects are covered? What gradespan is incorporated into the standards?b) Next, search for your states testing system. Is the test norm-referenced or criterionreferenced?Does it cover all of the subjects and grade levels that the curriculum standardslay out?c) Locate the most recent test scores for your local school district. Can you view scoresdisaggregated by students with differing economic backgrounds, race/ethnicities, and abilitylevels? How do they compare to the state averages in each category?d) Finally, look for your states accountability system. What actions, if any, are taken if studentachievement scores at a school consistently fail to make progress?You will have a title page and reference page for this assignment.

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