How could you modify your spreadsheet to calculate a math 123 grade?

Excel Grade Book Project

Understanding how weighted averages work will be a very important topic for you in this course, since your grades are determined in this way. In this project, you will create an Excel spreadsheet that can calculate a student’s final grade in a course. You will then write a reflection paper answering several questions regarding your project.

In this project you are required to do the following:

  1. Create an Excel spreadsheet that will be capable of calculating a student’s final grade in a given course. Keep in mind that weighting is involved in determining the final grade.

Your Excel spreadsheet should contain the following:

  • Your name, course name and project name.
  • The scores provided on the next page
  • Category averages
  • The weights used to determine the final weighted grade for the course
  • A labeled cell with the Final course grade that uses a formula to calculate the weighted average grade for the course. If a score is changed in your spreadsheet, your final calculation should recalculate. Please limit your use of Excel functions to those used in the course-packet (for a list see the ‘Excel Reference sheet’ in Blackboard’s ‘Excel Help’ button.
  • In addition to correctly calculating the final grade, your spreadsheet should be well-organized, with clear labels


  1. Write a typed reflection paper (minimum one page). It must include the following information:
    • Your name, course name and project name.
    • An explanation of your process for using Excel to calculate the weighted average final grade. Were there any assumptions that you made about the scores provided?
    • Analyze and reflect on the results for the student data provided. What is the predicted final course score based on the data provided. What letter grade is this?
    • What is the lowest grade the student would have had to score on the midterm to improve his final course score to the next higher letter grade?
    • Reflect on the impact on the student’s final course score for each of the following. Return the changed scores back to the original scores after considering each scenario:
      1. If the student received perfect scores on all of the homework?
      2. If the student did not submit the second paper?
  • If the instructor drops the lowest homework and quiz score for the student?
  • Some students and instructors feel that the weights for the course emphasize the exams too much. Come up with a new weighting system. Explain why you believe the new weights would be an improvement.
  • How would you have to modify (if any) your spreadsheet to calculate grades in a class where scores are out of varying point values for each assignment? For example, in Professor Ivy’s class the individual homework grades are recorded as follows: HW1= 6/10, HW2= 36/54, HW3= 25/25… Professor Ivy prefers not want to turn these grades into percentages, because each is out of different points. How else could she find averages for homework in her class?
  • How could you modify your spreadsheet to calculate a math 123 grade?
  • Reflect on your experience creating this spreadsheet – What have you learned from doing this project? Did you encounter any difficulties? What did you notice about Excel spreadsheets and how can this help you in the future?

In addition to addressing the given statements, your paper should:

  • Have a logical organization and be in paragraph form (not just bulleted answers!).
  • Be clear to someone who is not familiar with the project. (i.e. don’t assume that you are writing this to your instructor, make sure anyone could understand your statements.)
  • Provide support for your statements (e.g. explain how values were found).
  • Give specific values (i. e. quantify statements).
  • Provide support for your statements (e.g. explain how values were found).
  • Use appropriate representations (tables, color, formatting) that will help the reader understand the project.
  • More points will be awarded for sophisticated and elegant solutions.
  • Project should be your original work, copying someone else’s work is cheating, sharing your work with someone else is cheating.

These instructions cover the MINIMUM expectations of this project. Students are encouraged to make additions beyond these items.

  1. Follow your instructor’s directions for turning in this project.


Use the following parameters and scores in your Excel spreadsheet

Create an Excel spreadsheet that will compute the following sample student’s data set for the course described below. Assume all scores are out of 100 and that all grades have been recorded for this student.


Grading and Evaluation Rules for PSYC205 Abnormal Psychology Course:

Methods of Evaluation: There will be a Midterm and Final Exam in this class. Two papers will also be assigned. Homework and ten quizzes will also be part of the course grade.

Final Grade Calculation:                                                               Grading Scale:

Midterm             25%                                                                         90 – 100 A

Final                       30%                                                                        80 – 89                   B

Homework         10%                                                                        70 – 79                   C

Papers                                  25%                                                                        60 – 69                   D

Quizzes                10%                                                                        0 – 59                     F



A student has the following grades in each category:

Homework:                        80, 90, 86, 87, 89, 99, 0, 87, 88, 78, 96, 93

Quiz:                                     70, 73, 84, 92, 90, 100, 0, 86, 85, 80

Papers:                                 86, 68

Midterm:                            74

Final:                                     78

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