Hierarchical classification system

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Hierarchical classification systems are established classes that are divided from the broadest subjects to the most particular ones. There are classified in seven levels of hierarchy groups which are: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Below is a school hierarchical system that has been divided into the seven levels.

This hierarchical system study’s the classroom as the kingdom in classification. In this kingdom there are more than one million students. The students in this kingdom are characterized by their grade levels. The students could be in level one’s two, and three and so on. The students are graded and characterized by their ability to perform and go to the next class.in addition some will be characterized by being borders or day scholars.

The phylum in this hierarchical is characterized as the students’ supplies. There are more than 100 phyla in the classroom kingdom. The supplies include calculators, laptops files, citation manuals flash drives, pens books and many more in a backpack. The lowest grade level needs lesser supplies while the highest grade level needs the most supplies. For those students that are borders will need boarding supplies in addition, the students who will need to use the laboratory will need laboratory supplies. The school can offer to supply some of the supplies while others the students will have to buy.

The class is classified by the subjects to be studied for instance the language Art, mathematical, business classes and many more classes with different subjects. There are various teachers and lecturers who take charge of teaching this subjects. In addition there is a lesson plan to be followed and time tables that guide the students and their teachers on which subject will be covered a certain time.

The order in this hierarchical is characterized as the Reading center. There are various campuses of the same school for example USIU university western branch, stadium branch and other branches but of the same campus. In addition there are those who study online and also belong to an online classification.

The family in this hierarchical is characterized as the Book. There are various books needed for school work. The school should have a library to provide books for all students to use for better performance.

The Genus in this hierarchical can be classified as the Chapter from the Books. The teachers and students should have covered a given target of chapters within a given time. In spite of the teachers doing their work, it is the duty of an individual to work on his own to understand each chapter and ensure he has covered all.

The hierarchical last level is the Species which ensure that each and every student must have lessons, worksheets, puzzles and all the activities that goes along within the chapters of the books. After each chapter the student is to attempt the questions and quizzes that follows to ensure he has understood it. In addition the teachers should prepare pamphlets for students to use in case the book the teacher has is not accessible to all. Each student will write his own summary and share in groups.