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Heritage Foundation is an organization situated in the United States of America. Its main purpose and objective is to influence people in the society on some important matters that affect their lives. Through this, it impacts a society’s culture greatly. It looks with great extent on the topic about gayism, anti-Muslim, the importance of religion and so much more. My essay will focus on how culture has been impacted through the encouragement of religion. This is a major achievement.

According to history, America has been practicing religion with most of its pioneers being Christians. During the era of Bill Clinton he brought more arguments about how religion can impact their culture. It mostly touched on marriages and families as part of a culture in the country. The heritage foundation organization shares great ideas to see the culture of the society impacted and observed (Edwards 1997).On the issue of family, research by the organization has proved that religion to a great extent makes the families stronger. It proved that those who attend churches got their spouses easily and it’s usually very hard for them to separate or live alone. This research has also shown that those that attend churches are more likely assured to experience the joy of marriages and that of a family.

By encouraging the exercise of religion, the organization has proved that poverty would be minimal. The culture of the United States is never based on high rates of poverty, but on how to fight poverty. Without basing my argument so much on the culture of religion, the organization has also tried to look at the act of gayism in deep. Some research tilts the culture by supporting the act of gays while others try as much as they can to go against it hence holding in place its culture (Edwards 1997).

In conclusion, the Heritage Foundation has impacted to great extent the culture of the people within its vicinity. The organization can be more effective by venturing deep into the activities of each and every member in the society without looking at the class. This is because at the lower classes where people live a life of hand to mouth is where the culture is usually either xo much broken due to ignorance or it’s still intact.


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