Healthy and Unhealthy people

Healthy and Unhealthy people

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Healthy and Unhealthy people

Unhealthy people are among the most current growing concern in America today as compared to the small number of healthy people in the country. Facing other major issue tackling the country such as the deficit issue and the current pandemic have ensured that the problem of obesity has taken a major back seat when it comes to the major challenges of this country. Although a few years back there was an overwhelming concern to tackle this issue support has gradually slowed down to continue it further. Obesity is it of itself is a major killer to most Americans but the lack of any kind of support will ensure that this issue and problem may never be overcome. It has been the accepted norm that exercise is the only thing required to ensure obesity becomes a thing of the past but research into how this issue has become a worldwide problem proves the contrary to this belief. A study done as to the main reason why obesity has been on the rise in America shows that the ever increase of unhealthy food has led to the current rise of this situation. High fructose corn syrup has been the major culprit behind this ever-growing obesity crisis (Lobstein and Stephen, 331). Its ever increase in production has forced manufacturing companies to be ever creative in finding means to profit off of it. This has in turn led to the manufacturing of ever-increasing unhealthy foods such as soft drinks with an obscene amount of sugar in them.

Healthy people are in most cases individuals who have been in a lucky enough position to avoid the need to take processed or manufactured food. A key thing to note is that said healthy people are individuals who have been lucky enough not to be in poor conditions since they have the opportunity and chance to buy as much healthy food as they would need. The easy availability of junk food at low prices has led to this further increase in obesity. Putting America aside for a moment we see that obesity and unhealthiness become a major world problem especially in poor countries that are unable to acquire healthy food. Take the case of a country like Mexica. There has been a sudden rise in unhealthiness in the country especially when the introduction of soft drinks like Coca-Cola took effect. The oversupply of such an unhealthy soft drink accompanied by the lack of other proper and healthy choices has led to the increase of obesity in the country and thus the eventual current state within the country (Barquera et Mariel 1530). Another example of such a country that has seen the rise of obesity would be India. The endless means of acquiring soft drinks and unhealthy foods has led to a never before seen increase in obesity within the country with the numbers ever more increasing due to the ever-present ease of acquiring such unhealthy foods (Barquera et Mariel 1530). Even small island nations such as Samoa have been affected by the issue of obesity and unhealthy foods due to the ever-emerging problem of American commercialism. Although a majority of their food was considered to be of healthy quality the introduction of turkey butts as an American food that was being sold to them created a spike in obesity within the country. This strange phenomenon of selling an unwanted American good created an unhealthy state within a country that was traditionally healthy and thus lead to a spike in obesity that was previously not an issue within this country. Regardless of how healthy people see the issue the problem of unhealthiness is still the same.

Unhealthy people are not the problem when it comes to obesity and unhealthiness but are rather the victims of an unregulated market that has rampantly increased to a point in which a large number of the global population is seen to be unhealthy. The examples I have detailed and given are just brief examples of how American commercialism has affected a large part of the world in terms of health. High fructose concern syrup as can be seen is just part of a bigger whole of the obesity issue, much more unwanted unhealthy foods and products are the determinants of this ever-growing issue. Proper regulation of producers of such goods needs to be implemented if we are to at all create a healthier enough world and eliminate if not at all remove the problem of over obesity in the world (Niebylski et al, 787). If this issue is not properly resolved the emergence of an unhealthy population is an unavoidable likelihood. Not only will a country like America be in danger of such a crisis but also will a large part of the global population that is a huge consumer of unhealthy foods that are mostly industrial made goods. This essay is not at all meant to scare people or in any way demoralize our country into feeling it has created an unhealthy world but it is however meant to show just how harmful the unhealthy products we manufacture are. If the key agenda of America is to create a good enough world and solve the obesity issue, then whether like it or not things need to change especially in our food manufacturing sector. Healthy food should be a right in that a right to basic food, shelter and clothing is a basic right to all Americans and the implementation of this right will depend on us.

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