Health Science

The first step in getting a good job is finding job openings that align with your degree and your career goals. For this portion of the assignment you (1) find a business, agency, or organization that offers jobs in your field, (2) survey the application requirements for this job, and (3) write a one paragraph narrative summarizing your research. You are required to use the ISU Career Services Center resources for on-line job searching. You will draft a well-written paragraph detailing your job search and findings.
want you write two different paragraph about different job. should each paragraph be separate in different topic.
The first paragraph should about Health Science job and not more than 140 words. The second paragraph should be about computer Science and should not more than 140 words. Please find the steps carefully. I will show you two different example about different job.

Example one:
As a nursing major, I feel as though the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital would be a wonderful experience. Undoubtedly, this job would require many things from me. Surely, my medical and health care knowledge would be tested outside of the classroom walls. A medical volunteer must be prepared to work flexible hours and learn to keep a flawless level of patience and altruism despite the circumstances. This role would expect a mature character who is extremely organized and able to think on his/her feet in medical emergencies and stressful moments. Furthermore, one must treat every person with an equal fairness with regards to race, culture and religion. This opportunity would be beneficial to me especially because it would enable me to see what particular department of the hospital I would prefer to work in as a nurse. Most importantly, it would give me a clear discernment of what lies ahead of me in the future.

Example two:
For my major, Health Science, I want to work in a children’s hospital doing ultrasound technician. A job right now that will help me guide my way into the future of an ultrasound technician would be an internship for any hospital. In my case I would apply to Riley Children’s Hospital since that is where I would like to work in the future. The qualifications to be an intern are to be enrolled in a Sonography program and have a particular number of academic credits. My requirements are to shadow over a professional and have them teach me step by step of what to do with a patient.

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