has the strategy achieved its aims?

Case studies are analyses of real life problems. You will need to identify a real life situation where a strategy has been implemented. You will need to identify any relevant assumptions it relies on, describe the way the problem has been represented and then evaluate its effectiveness.� You may need to discuss the relationship between the industry or profession, and Indigenous people in Australia. For example, you may want to outline the history of Indigenous people�s involvement with the industry, or identify Indigenous perspectives on the industry,

Clearly identify what strategy has been implemented, and discuss why it was important. For example, you might identify if there were any significant factors leading to the introduction of the strategy. You will then need to discuss the changes this has led to for Indigenous people and the industry. For example, has the strategy achieved its aims? How will we know, and how long will it take? Has it led to improved outcomes for Indigenous people?� Your case study should not make recommendations or suggestions for future action. Instead, it should evaluate the strategy � it should include an argument about whether or not the strategy was effective, and why. The case study should provide an analysis of the situation, and draw on credible research to determine why the strategy has, or has not been effective. If you would like to use an international case study, or a case study from an industry not listed here, please consult with one of us.

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