Guided Reflection of the video “Receiving a patient to the ward from PACU”


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Assessment task
Students must focus on this question: Identify and discuss the assessments and nursing interventions when caring for a patient who has just returned from the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) with a PCA and an abdominal wound.
After watching the video, reflect on the nursing care given to the patient in the video. When writing the guided reflection, consider the following questions:
1. Identify the assessments performed. Were these assessments adequately prioritised?
2. How effective was the communication between the two nurses? Did it promote teamwork?
3. How effective was the communication between the nurses and the patient?
4. Identify the post -op orders. Were all of these discussed?
5. Based on literature, are there any recommendations to improve for future practice?

Student needs to have included the following:
• Identified five assessments required for post -op care.
• Recognises the communication and interaction that occurred between the nurses and the patient.
• Identifies five orders that the receiving nurse asks about in relation to the patient’s care
• Credible and relevant references are used.
• Explanation and analyses of the assessments identified demonstrates a high level of their importance and priority of care.
• Communication skills clearly explained and analysed and /or considered from different perspectives – (e.g. theoretical or ethical) in relation to this issue.
• Refers to relevant theory and literature to support their reasoning.
• Articulate language addresses answers in a clear and logical structure
• Accurate use of APA referencing style on all occasions.
• Accurate use of in-text citations.

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