Final Exam Review Sheet

Final Exam Review Sheet

S21 HIST 102

Final Exam Review Sheet

(covers Ch 19-23

Three Sections to the test:

Part 1: Multiple Choice (40%)from last chapters [Ch 19-23]; See chapter review sheets on Moodle

Part 2: Essay (30%)write one of 3 concerning Ch. 19-23, from list in section A belowPart 3: Essay (30%)answer the general question B belowEssay questions

Section A: Chapters 19-23

Write on ONE of the following questions.

How did the 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolutions alter European society and its economy? Make sure to consider the technological, organizational, and social considerations of each of the two eras of change.

How did the political ideologies which emerged in the 19th C. (conservatism, liberalism, Marxist socialism) reflect the changing nature of European society in the late 18th & 19th Centuries? What earlier developments & Ideas did each draw from? How did they influence the political development of the 19th C.?

How/why did imperialism emerge in a new, aggressive form in the last third of the 19th C.? How was this connected to economic, ideological, political, and social developments in Europe in the 19th C?

Section B: Essay 2: Comprehensive Essay.

What key historical event had the greatest impact on transforming Europe into the “modern” age (circa 1600 onwards) AND WHY?

You may examine any of the things we discussed in this class—Enlightenment, political revolutions (for ex., 1688, 1776, 1789), Industrial and Economic changes of Commercial & Industrial Revolution, urbanization & social change in the 19th C., etc.—but choose one (or a group of closely related ones) and explain WHY and HOW that event brought about he most significant transition of Europe from the medieval/early modern period into the Modern World.

Essays should be in 10/12 pt. font with 1” margins and double-spaced. Please limit yourself to not more than 2 pages per essay.

Make sure your essays are your own work. DO NOT COPY/CUT-AND-PASTE FROM THE TEXTBOOK OR A WEB SOURCE.

Upload your essays AS A SINGLE .doc OR .pdf FILE to Turn-it-In by 11:55pm, Thursday, May 4.