Feedback response to students – Business Processes vs. Traditional Functional Areas

Please read this instruction carefully
This paper is about writing a respond to 2 students about Enterprise Resource Planning – Business Processes vs. Traditional Functional Areas question listed below:

Question: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of focusing on “business processes” as compared to “traditional functional areas,” especially while developing Information Systems (IS) applications.
•Is it better to have stand-alone best-of-the-breed functional applications (e.g., Payroll Management software) than an integrated software application that manages many functions including payroll?

Please read “my response” and the “students responses”. And write a response (feedback, agree to, disagree to, any additional suggestion) to those students
This paper is meant to replicate a face-to-face discussion, so please use words like “I think” “I agree with you that” “I disagree about” etc.
The responses to those students should not has any conflict ideas with “my response”
Please label your responses correspond to each student. Each paragraph should be a response solely to one student only:
“sample” file is the sample of this paper as well as the following


Approximately 250 words