Explain the relationship between the sciences and other disciplines.

Justify your choice of topic and the way in which you will explore it with regard to the course learning outcomes in an introductory paragraph. (See Below)

Course Learning Outcomes:
1.Identify the ways in which a societys values shape its approach to scientific enquiry.
2.Identify the major forms of interaction between science, technology, politics, and economics.
3.Explain the relationship between the sciences and other disciplines.
4.Select an appropriate project topic and research and present same.
5.Demonstrate ways in which scientific discovery shapes human culture.
6.Identify scientific influences on art, literature, and other aspects of culture.
7.Compare and contrast the role played by science in different cultures.

•Develop a working draft of your introduction that includes a thesis statement.
•Compile an annotated bibliography of at least eight sources. These sources can be journal articles, video sources, pieces of art, or other cultural works such as plays, literature, poems, or newspaper/magazine articles.

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