Explain the nursing responsibilities to include therapeutic communication

Explain the nursing responsibilities to include therapeutic communication


1. Choose a disease process that requires surgery (small bowel obstruction). You will write about the process a child with a particular disease goes through when he or she is about to go through a surgery. Once you have chosen a disease process, choose the appropriate age group associated with that disease process (ages 1 to 18 years). You will come up with your own example of a child (select the age) and you will write about the nurse’s responsibilities in assisting the child and the family through the surgical process.
2. Identify specific communication techniques and specialized teaching strategies for the disease process and diagnostic and perioperative procedures that the nurse must use with the child and the child’s parents or legal guardians. Don’t forget to include home care. Discuss diagnostic testing to include labs (expected findings).
3. This professional paper should be written in a format that could be read in a nursing journal. It should explain the nursing responsibilities as it related to admitting a child to the pediatric area, performing diagnostic testing and labs, and then preparing the child for the preoperative experience.
4. The child (you pick the age) is admitted to the hospital with certain physical symptoms (you pick the disease process) and then requires surgery (you pick the surgery). For example, a 2 year-old is admitted for abdominal pain and after diagnostic testing and labs are performed, the diagnosis is appendicitis. An appendectomy is performed. The nurse needs to communicate through this entire process. This is the assignment.
Pick a hospital to cite after looking at several, choose a disease/surgical procedure that relates to small bowel obstructions.

The 2015-2016 U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Children’s Hospitals” Honor Roll highlights pediatric centers that provide high-quality care in 3 or more specialties. Both Boston and Philadelphia posted outstanding scores in all 10 specialties. Each of these hospitals provide extensive information on their websites (Choose one of these hospitals as your reference to teachings-you will also use your textbook and ATI book to cite teaching of the family and patient).

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The top ten hospitals include:

1. Boston Children’s Hospital
2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
4. Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston
5. Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora
6. Seattle Children’s Hospital
7. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
8. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
9. Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
10. Children’s National Medical Center of Washington, DC

Also important hospital resources:
1. Mayo Clinic
2. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

OBJECTIVES (must be addressed in this paper)

• Describe the specific communication and teaching techniques that nurses/health care professionals should use when providing information to a family and a child of a particular age.
• Explain the nursing responsibilities to include therapeutic communication when preparing a child/family for diagnostic and laboratory testing.
• Explain the nursing responsibilities to include therapeutic communication regarding SPECIFIC patient preparation skills (diet, position, prep, meds, surgical procedure, pain…) when preparing a child/family for the SPECIFIC diagnostic tests that are conducted for that child (specific age) and disease process and the specific nursing care performed.
• Describe what laboratory testing is performed for that disease process and preparation for surgery and include nursing responsibilities and teaching to the patient and family.
• Describe how the pediatric perioperative experience should flow for the child and family-this includes explanations of the disease, surgical procedure, and the pre, intra, and postoperative experience.
• Describe how EVIDENCE-BASED practice is used in the pediatric perioperative area. This can be about the disease itself, about children and communication, or about the pediatric preoperative area and infection control, pediatric tissue healing, pediatric OR procedure techniques and nursing responsibilities
 Paper must follow APA format guidelines
 Paper must be typed and double-spaced, 3-5 pages in length
 NO OPINION or use of “I” in a professional paper
 Must be RESEARCH-BASED information-use internet information from research hospital (see list above)
 Use full sentences-capital letters, appropriate quotation marks, references cited throughout body of paper
 No bullet points in body, use complete sentences
 No cut and paste from ATI or anywhere else. Use your OWN WORDS, your THOUGHTS and descriptions. Cite professional information in each paragraph:
Example: According to McKee (2015), the surgical procedure for the appendectomy on a toddler has changed…..
 Citations: There should be at least 1 reference citation in the paragraphs under each topic heading; each heading should have at least 5-7 sentences
 Cover sheet: Include name, date, title of paper, class at , teacher
 Pages must be numbered and a reference page should be at the end of the paper per APA format
 Paper is to be stapled and placed in a clean folder to be turned in
 Include your printed rubric with your final paper on top of the 1st page
Introduction (5 points)
Pediatric nursing and family, specific care for the child and family while in the hospital. General statement (5 points)
Pediatric Specific Disease Process Description (10 points)
You choose symptoms for a specific pediatric disease and an operative procedure that goes with the pediatric disease, explain the disease and need for surgery
Diagnostic Testing (5 points) and Lab Values (5 points)
Diagnostic tests, labs, lab values obtained prior to this surgery and expected findings in the selected disease process, teaching related to this ailment and preparation of the patient for the diagnostic procedures and labs
Patient/Family Teaching: Preparation of the Family and Child for Surgery (10 points)
Teaching based on age; you choose an age and give examples of communication and visual teaching based on growth and development.
Preoperative Teaching and Nursing Responsibilities (10 points)
For your chosen pediatric disease process and surgery
Intraoperative Teaching and Nursing Responsibilities (10 points)
For your chosen pediatric disease process and surgery
Postoperative Teaching and Nursing Responsibilities (10 points)
For your chosen pediatric disease process and surgery. YOU MUST INCLUDE HOME CARE.
Evidence-based Perioperative NURSING RESEARCH (10 points)
Find an article pertinent to the disease process and/or surgical interventions you have selected. Discuss findings of the study and implications on nursing practice in caring for the child and disease process you have selected. Research article must be no older than five years from an academic journal and be peer-reviewed
Conclusion (5 points)
Summarize main points of paper
Professional Presentation
Grammar (2 points), spelling (2 points), punctuation (2 points), complete sentences (2 points), professional document format (APA) (2 points). Prepare and take pride in your work. Be sure paper is proofread before turning in final product. Include Writing Center slip with your paper if you utilize this resource.
For COVER SHEET AND REFERENCE page, refer to example of APA formatted paper from Purdue Owl on Blackboard. There will be no abstract or author’s note.
APA References must include
 Hospital website (2 points)
 Evidence-based nursing journal/research article (2 points)
 TJC 2016 Patient Goals reference (2 points)
 A current drug manual.
 Ricci, S.S., Kyle, T, & Carman, S. (2017). Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (3rd ed.). Philadelpia:Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. (5points)

 ATI RN Maternal Newborn Nursing 10.0/ ATI RN Nursing Care of Children 10.0 (5points)

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