Explain parallel how it is similar to your definition of rhetoric

Advance and defend your own definition and theory of rhetoric. In presenting your theory, address the fallowing issues:

a. what is rhetoric for you?

b. Throughout the semester we have discussed several metaphors to help us understand rhetoric, choose one of these meaphors that has helped you understant rhetoric the most, then personaly define this metaphor, (i.e. what to you is art, is love,is war, etc) drawing from your own experiences and examples

c. Explain parallel how it is similar to your definition of rhetoric: why would you choose this metaphor to describe rhetoric? what are the similar features? what are the differences.

Thoughout this essay you must draw five rhetorical theorist in constructiong your answer, at least one of them from the classical period, an at least one of them from post modern era. the other can be at your discrection.

The connections to themes such as epistemology, ontology, mind/soul dualism, ethics, audiences responsibility/ response-ability etc should use in this essay…

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