Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Imaging, Mettler &amp Guiberteau-Nursing


The University of Findlay-College of Health Professions-Diagnostic Services Department

Nuclear Medicine Institute

Course Policies and Practices: Class attendance is taken and tardiness is noted. (See NMI attendance policy in the Student Handbook.) Exams missed due to an excused absence can be made up at a designated time. Make-up exams may be in a different format and may be more difficult. The make-up exam cannot be taken during any regularly scheduled class time. NMI has a NO EXTRA CREDIT policy.

Final Exam Date: In lieu of a comprehensive final exam, a final project will be issued to each student to be returned on final scheduled PET course date.

Special Services: If you are a student with a disability, it is your responsibility to inform your instructor and register with the Office of Disability Services ([email protected]) at least one week prior to a needed service so reasonable accommodations can be made.

Course and Instructor Evaluation: Each student is expected to complete the course and instructor evaluation that is sent electronically to the student by the Office of the Registrar. The electronic notification comes in the form of an e-mail from the UF Registrar’s Office with the following subject line: Online survey for the designated course (e.g., BIOL 102).

Last Date of Attendance Policy: Students are required to attend all classes and hourly attendance will be taken. A student will be considered absent if he/she is not ready for class when the instructor begins lecturing. A percentage of total hours will be figured at the end of the course to determine the student’s attendance grade. (Example: Total class hours = 20, Student attended 18 hours of class…18/20 = 90% average). Participation will be considered by attendance and actively contributing to class discussion. Students who are not paying attention (i.e. sleeping, playing games, or causing disruptions) will have their grades compromised and will not receive credit for attending.

Federal guidelines state: the last date of attendance is calculated by the last time a student participated in an online discussion or made contact with a faculty member.

Tentative Course Outline:

PET Systems

PET Radionuclide Production/quality control

Patient Prep./History

PET Acquisitions


PET/CT Systems

Instrument/ patient artifacts

PET Oncology w/ RP’s

Exam #1

Case Study

PET Final Project

Tentative Course Outline (Course outline is subject to change throughout the semester)

E-Mail Etiquette: It is expected that all e-mail correspondence to any instructor will be conducted in a professional manner. When utilizing e-mail for this class, you should: (1) include the course name and number in the e-mail subject heading, (2) address the recipient in an appropriate manner, (3) utilize proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, (4) close with your full name and (5) name file attachments by including the course name and number, your last name and document title.

Due to continuing advancements in molecular imaging technology this syllabus is subject to change without prior notice.

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