Essay Writing

Writing essays is every student’s nightmare in college or high school It is important hone the skills early in one’s student life to avoid long term struggles. Essay is a commonly assigned form of writing upon entry to any tertiary level of education. Essay writing can be challenging and at the same time exciting depending on one’s approach. It needs planning, practice and preparation be comfortable executing essay writing tasks. Essays are usually administered as homework to students and requires a sense of creativity. They have long been used in learning institutions to examine student grasp of concepts and ideas of a certain topic.

Professors and tutors can learn the flow of thoughts of students in disintegrating certain concepts while connecting with others. An essay therefore can to exhibit clarity, purpose and sense of direction towards a certain learning objective. At Essaypassusa, we take you step by step towards an easy pathway to understanding essay writing.

Expository Essay

There are different types of genres of essay writing such as expository essay where a student is required to investigate, expound and initiate an argument on that idea in a succinct and concise manner. This can involve contrasting, comparing and evaluation of ideas such as cause and effect essays. Expository essays need a clear theses statement and logical transitions between introductions, body and conclusion. They require evidential support in the body and a logical conclusion readdressing the main argument in the essay. Our writers at have mastered the art of expository essays and are ready to assist you deliver an A+ essay.

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays as the name suggest is all about describing an object, person, place or experience, unlike expository essays, it allows a great sense of artistic freedom to be displayed by the student. To excel in writing a top – grade descriptive essay, it Is essential to take time to brainstorm about the experience with your peers or professor. The language also needs to clear and concise leaving the reader with a clear mindful impression of the experience.

Narrative Essay

Another genre that is common in the academic cycles is narrative essay. This kind of essays are personal and experiential in nature giving a chance to creativity and expression. To succeed in the essay, there should a continuous and complete flow of the story with a clear point of view and purpose. This is where first-person pronoun such as I can be used as it is personal. Organizational flow is key for the reader to connect the dots. At essaypassusa, you give us an outline of your story and we produce a top-class narration essay.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is also referred to as persuasion essay and its writing approach is similar to that of expository essay. The difference is that the essay is often assigned as a capstone or final project in the first year of writing and involves detailed and lengthy research. Some argumentative assignments will demand empirical research where it involves data collection through interviews, surveys, observations and experiments. Argumentative essays must exhibit clear a theses statement and evidential support as required. The length is usually five paragraphs with longer ones varying based on the writing demands. We have specialised as Essaypassusa to ensure that you do not suffer the wrath of writing argumentative essays. Order now and be sure of a high-quality paper.