Employee Motivation to Etisalat Corporations Success

Employee Motivation to Etisalat Corporations Success

Business Description, Memo, and Proposal

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To: Wendy McDonoughFrom: [Student’s Name]Date: [due date]Subject: Employee Motivation to Etisalat Corporation’s Success

Proposal Synopsis

The research project is going to look at the factors that motivate employees at Etisalat Corporation for better performance. It will uncover factors that call for attention in order for attains best employee performance in the Company. It will examine factors that motivate employees in an organization for best performance as well as the features that connect with people performance in a diverse environment.

The Etisalat Corporation has 40 years in business specializing in technological products. It is one of the pioneering telecommunication establishments in the UAE. It is the largest company seizing an approximate of AED 90 billion market value and gets estimated annual revenue of AED 39 billion that is the equivalent of $ 10.6 billion. Owing to its aggressiveness, it has branches in nineteen countries in Africa, Asia, and Middle East. The justification of the study is that at the present day, there is an increasing rivalry on the marketplace. Corporations begin to examine and employ applicants as well as retaining the best performers. Performance is a strategy employed by top world corporations.

The relevance of the study is that owing to a number of theories established in the area of motivation, it is difficult to ascertain the exact factors that motivate employees rather than to carry out an investigation on a particular set company. It is because the level of motivation varies from company to company depending on the manner they treat their employees. It is with this view that the researcher will investigate employee motivation at Etisalat Corporation in order to ascertain the company’s success and provide a recommendation on the way forward.

The design method that will be adopted will be both the qualitative and quantitative design with the utilization of the questionnaire and interview as the instruments of data collection. Twenty resource persons will be conducted where nineteen will answer the questionnaire and interview the human resource personnel (Cooper, & schindler, 2010).

Project Description

The project is going to look at employee motivation to Etisalat Corporation’s Success. It is with a view that management of the employees in an organization is crucial in the pursuit of augmenting effectiveness as well as proceeds in an organization. The essential functions of human resource management thrive well when there is motivation. The significance of motivating employees at work is clear at all sections of the company. The employees, the management, the human resource personnel all have critical roles to play if the company is to succeed. However, owing to human complexity in behavior, motivation is hard to comprehend and to utilize (Javed, & Javed, 2013).

Plan of Action

In realizing the research, permission is going to be sought from the relevant offices so as to permit the researcher undertakes the research. Prior to the real investigation, the research is going to design the questionnaires as well as interviews questions in such a manner that is relate to the topic under investigation based on the objectives. Additionally, a consent form is to be used so as to get the consent of the resources persons. Ethical consideration will as well be taken into account so as to guard the resources persons by treating information attained as confidential and only for research purposes.


Motivation systems get to cheer workforce to carry out task in effective manner and as well attract probable employees. The fundamental to generating the effective motivation scheme is a reaction to the question what motivate workforces. The purpose of this research paper is to examine which motivation aspects are the most significant by employees. The aim is to scrutinize discoveries in relation present motivation theories. The comprehension from the theoretical section of this research paper together with the outcome of the study can be necessary for Etisalat Corporation, administrators and for HR specialists who organize employment campaigns concentrated on enticing workers (Achim, Dragolea, & Balan, 2013).


The reason of carrying out the study is to establish which motivation factors are thought as the most crucial by employees of Etisalat Corporation. The theoretical part of the research paper will depict how motivation is very multifaceted and with no simple solution to the question of inspiring workers. The outcome of the research will establish and scrutinize factors that inspire workforces from Etisalat Corporation. Even though non-monetary motivating factors are strong, they are not likely to direct to the optimum performance if they are the only source of motivation. The study will further suggest suitable motivation and reward scheme that must be endeavored to gratify an assortment of requirements from more than one group.


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