Emotional intelligence Reflection

Emotional intelligence Reflection





Emotional intelligence: Reflection

Emotional intelligence is a very crucial element of human psychology. It demonstrates the ability of an individual in identification, evaluation and control of his or her emotions; and be able to appreciate and manage others’ emotions.

As a reflection, I consider myself as being emotionally intelligent. I have self-awareness traits as I am able to recognize my emotions, why they occur and their origins. For example, I fully understand my strengths and weaknesses in life. I am therefore able to fully recognize any stress trigger and deal with them effectively to avoid any emotional breakdown and mental torture. While I am not easy to influence, I have become an open minded person who is ready to learn and adapt to new ideas.

In relation to others around me, I easily talk to them and understand them. When I disagree with any of them, I act calmly and listen to them. As a learning leader, I have always ensured that I balance my needs against those of others. When I lead a group, I try to be impartial and avoid any impulsivity. I am also socially aware of my surrounding. I mange my social awareness by attuning myself to the emotions of other people, their concerns and adapt to social cues whenever there is need to do so.

I have always taken into account aspects of self-management in my life. This has enabled me ti have self-control and be self-disciplined. For example, when excited after a very successful achievement, I always try to avoid self-gratification and self-congratulation. Awareness of my emotions has enabled to get along well with other people, and manage conflict effectively. This trait has also enhanced my communication skills and peer influence.