Emirates Airlines Proposed Training

Emirates Airlines Proposed Training

Proposed Training



Area/s of training required:

Based on the company end of human resource needs, the company has to ensure that all the airline assistant that include air hostess and customer care staff should under got some graining in order to meet the changing client needs. Thus, there are needed for training is communication and hospitability skills.


For the case of these training, the trainees will be customer care representatives and air hostess.

Trainee(s) profile:

The training will only be eligible for the training are those that have been in service for more than 2 years, with diploma certification and above and a have once undertaken refresher training courses in the past.

Personnel involvement:

The training will involve various personnel. The following are the personnel that will be involved in the training; first the organization will hire external trainers from Abu Dhabi University, the management senior executives, the HR manager and some stakeholders.

Desired results:

There are high expectations that has to be met to ensure that the trainees are able to meet their training goals. Some of the expectations range from tangible ones to others that are intangible. First an exam will determine the intangible results. A score of more than 50% is needed for the trainees to be considered to have passed the training. However, the tangible one if the performance of the staff in the field. This will be determine by the immediate supervisor.


The management of the company is also expected to be one of the stakeholders in the training program. They are expected to offer advice when deducing the best timetable and training schedule and well as the areas that the training should adopt. The management of the training is an obligation for entire Emirates Airlines.


Running the training is expected to be an expensive affair. Therefore, the finances of the program is the mandate of the organization. The company is yet to fund the training all through the entire 6 weeks period, but well-wishers are also allowed to contribute in the training (sponsors are allowed to fund the training).


The administrative role of the programs will be the mandate of a board established by the stakeholders. The board will administer every aspect of the program to ensure that it meets the required standards and level. This is expected to as to make sure that the program is of great quality and all the requirements are met. They will act as evaluators and watch dog of the company.


The trainees are expected to commit themselves to the training. In addition, the company should also ensure that it’s committed to ensure the training is completed successfully.


The training is expected to take 6 weeks. 4 of which will be the main training while the other two will be evaluation period


There are various resources needed one of which is most important is the trainees themselves. Others are stationeries things and others are capital to run the training program.

Future on-going training (under consideration):

It is expected that if this training program is successful a general training program will be undertaken and this will be a leadership training program whereby all employees of Emirates Airlines will undertake the training program.


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