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Executive SummaryThe role of information Technology is highly appreciated in contemporary business such as airline business amid others. For this reason, this papers addresses the role of Information Technology in Emirates airlines. The role of the It department will be noted as well as other departments such as the finance department. The role of IT to top management is also be discussed.


The Emirates Group is a very profitable business with income of roughly US$ 12 billion and more than 40,000 workers. The Group comprises of Dnata, the fruitful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, Emirates Airline. Emirates Airline is viewed as a standout amongst the most much respected Airline organizations in Asia furthermore on the planet. The company was built in 1985 with two rented airplane from a simple airport. Emirates aerial shuttle flies to more than 100 objectives in more than 60 nations and has been vital in securing Dubai as the Middle East’s business focus and aeronautics center point. Its armada is one of the most youthful in the skies, with a normal period of short of what 70 months, and every month it takes conveyance of the 158 flying machine it has on request, worth $52 billion at rundown cost (O’Connell, 2011). Emirates is the Airbus A380 super gigantic’s biggest aerial shuttle client, with a few circulating everywhere and more than 50 still to be conveyed. Right now, 130 airlines fly into Dubai and more than a large portion of the 37 million travelers who went through the city in 2008 were conveyed by Emirates, which has a 10,000-in number lodge group of more than 120 nationalities who talk 55 separate dialects between them. Emirates are entirely possessed by the Government of Dubai, yet the airline is run on a business premise and gets no money related backing or insurance. Going up against secured titans of flying permitted working under the legislature’s unequivocal open skies arrangement in Dubai, Emirates has flourished and been profitable in everything except its second year of exchanging. (2010 Emirates). This paper will therefore break down the part of Information innovation and Systems for the firm.

Size of the Company

Emirates is Airline that was secured in October 1986, since the starting up to this point there are exceptionally unique developments that have occurred and starting now Emirates is a recompense winning aerial shuttle traveling to more than 124 goals over the 6 mainlands by working more than 177 airplanes and utilizing more than 55000 representatives that talk distinctive dialects. Emirates have enhanced into related businesses and parts, including airport administrations, building, friendliness administrations, providing food, and visit administrator operations.

Structure of the organization

In examining the company it is clear that Emirates Airlines has a Tall organizational structure as the organization is a huge worldwide organization thus the more the company develops the levels of management will climb which will make the structure of the organization tall (various leveled). At the point when a company has a Tall organizational structure there are different focal points. In a tall structure we can watch a nearby supervisory control as a result of the various leveled structure included furthermore it is a more legitimate structure as the outcomes, the parts and obligations are plainly characterized. The other fortunate thing about this structure is that the mindful individual is responsible to higher powers therefor mix-ups are less and considered decisions will be made at all times. However now and then it might be disadvantageous towards the side of the representatives as the level of inspiration may stand sort of lower which will in exchange influence the company additionally another real detriment is that the tall structure makes a gigantic correspondence obstruction with the top management, center level managers and the lower level administrator.

Emirates group is an expansive gathering with numerous managerial levels. There are numerous departments included different undertakings, from the departments serving the clients’ necessities to the building department and the catering departments furthermore numerous more. However each of them are overseen by a department head and reported upwards to the center level thus on to the top management. Emirates airlines is not completely based, there is a real pretended by the staff in diverse stations subsequently territorial managers, zone managers, department managers and bosses are delegated. On account of Emirates airlines the management is constrained furthermore it is still another airline that was made around 3 years back.


It is clear that the company has more than 5 million customers. The customers are noted to be the passengers. They vary with age, professionalism, career, amid other demographics.

Organization Chart

Role of Emirates Airlines IT Department

Information Technology has influenced the aerial shuttle industry, all things considered, in different viewpoints like Airline reservations, air-art outline, e-ticketing, test systems and preparing, GPS, RFID, security check, flight and airport management and control. Flight and airport management and arranging incorporates flight Information show Systems, airport operational Information base Systems, airport regulation, staff management shows, invoicing and record Systems and so forth (Goh et al,. 2012). IT has changed the reservation Systems such that it has turned into an industry of its own.

The five fundamental automated reservations Systems are Galileo, Saber, Amadeus, Pegasus and worldspan. Since they interlinked distinctive airlines value rivalry came into picture. Then came online reservation System called E-Ticketing which further served to lessen the expenses since it prompt direct connection between the traveler and the airline without incorporation of specialists. The IATA has begun an activity to change over all paper tickets to e-tickets to diminish wastage of paper. IT has likewise prompted the improvement of organization toward oneself stands to lessen lining issues and accelerate weigh in procedure. IT additionally created radio recurrence recognizable proof procedure to purpose lost baggage issues. Other advantages of Information Systems in avionics industry have been GPS, Simulators, and Security Systems, charging receipt and record Systems and so on.

Function of Information Systems in the Finance Department

Alongside other departments like human resource management, deals, promoting, Information Systems have likewise been exceptionally valuable in the monetary department in the flying division. The different Information Systems utilized by the account and bookkeeping department in air transport industry incorporates Aeronautical Billing System which handles airports incomes, Air activity control charging, Aeronautical invoicing System including money and credit invoicing, (Credit invoicing considers multi-cash invoicing) lastly Ledger Systems which contains all the Information about deals and buy record and ostensible record. Moreover numerous Systems can be produced having after modules: Bank compromise, Stock control, Payroll, Fixed resource register, Purchase request preparing and so forth. One of the illustrations of Information System which can be utilized by the fund and bookkeeping department in the aeronautics division is Sirax Airfinance stage created by Lufthansa Systems. Regarding the vulnerabilities that airlines are confronting today, Sirax Airfinance stage can end up being of extraordinary help to the airlines as it gives the right Information at the correct time. It keeps the airline redesigned about their operations and monetary condition. It furnishes the aerial shuttle with opportune, exact and important Information that cannot just help the specific airline to audit the current systems and battles additionally helps them, all things considered, to choose the tentative arrangements, methods and crusades.

For example:

Consider an illustration of Mark acting as a showcasing official in Emirates Airlines airline. He chooses to utilize the TV media to dispatch an uncommon advancement. Amid bookkeeping, Sirax Airfinance stage aided Mark to distinguish districts where the business was broadcast and contrasted it and ticket deals in those specific locales. Likewise he found himself able to contrast current deals and earlier month’s deals furthermore with deals in the districts where business was not publicized. Thusly Sirax Airfinance stage helped Mark to survey the impact of the limited time crusade factually and evaluate whether it was fruitful or not. It additionally helped Mark choose the tentative arrangements advancements and devise systems as needs be. This will help Emirates Airlines airlines to profit by future open doors and expand their profitability.

In circumstances of emergency or in the event of surprising circumstances, it is extremely vital for the air transport to get access of significant precise and convenient Information, which if not accessible can have prompted risky outcomes. This is the place Sirax Airfinance stage helps an aerial shuttle to adjust rapidly to an unforeseen circumstance with its capacity to give profitable and precise Information at the opportune time helping in taking right decisions

Top Level Use of ISIt comprises of directorate and overseeing executive. The top management is the top most wellspring of power and it oversees objectives and strategies of a company. They are in charge of planning and usage of new methods of the organization. For planning and for the development of new approach they need Information’s this is given by official Information System. Is a kind of management Information System? It is utilized by higher powers or top level managers, it help in giving Information’s which will help in planning and different steps of decision making. Graphical marketing give all the more clear thought regarding the different level of the organizations are for the most part utilized as a part of IS, this make the managers to examinations the Information all the more effortlessly and spare time also. It additionally help in looking at and highlighting the patterns in vital variable which help in checking execution of the company. The center level managers constitute of the limb manager and departmental managers primarily. They are capable to the top management for the working of the department. The Information needed by the center level managers are given by managerial Information System (Carmel & Tjia, 2005).

ConclusionIt worth to note that Information System is a vital tool towards the success of Emirates airlines. The decision reached by the top management highly beneficial, thanks to IS and IT for its role in decision making.

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