Emirates Airlines Company Profile

Emirates Airlines Company Profile

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Profile of the Company

Emirates Airlines found in UAE is the main airline company supported by the emirates group. It is the national air transport of Dubai, United Arab emirates which consequently works close around 2000 traveller’s flights in a week from its centre point at Dubai global air terminal, terminal 3 to 100 destinations in 60 nations in the 6 continents (www.theemiratesgroup.com). The company is an auxiliary of the emirates group which has more than 50,000 employees and is claimed by the legislature of Dubai under the organization of Dubai. It main host is Dubai airport terminal 3

Image of Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport

Business portfolio

The company venture is various products are service that are intended to meet to current needs and demands of the clients. The company mains activity is passenger transportation from one place to the other around the wold, but with special interest to the transportation of people to UAE especially Dubai. The second service the company places its equity to be transportation of cargo. Airbus A380 A6-EE is one of the cargo planes

Picture of Airbus A380 A6-EE


The company has been very keen on the types of business strategies in uses hence it vast expansion around the world. One of the strategies that the company currently deploys is maximization of its customer base with adherence to cross-cultural management strategies. The company has used this strategy for more than a decade now and it has benefited from it since it has increased its customer base globally (www.emirates.com). The other strategy that is company has been using is deployment of transnational leadership qualities. The company has a diverse workforce from all nations hence able to benefit from cross-national hospitality.


Despite the fact that the company has bettered its strategies, both domestically and international is has to ensure that is beefs up its market entry strategies in order to maximize its expansion. With this is will be able to meet more clients.


I consider that Emirates Airlines is one of the best airlines companies in the world not based on the asset size of the profits it makes but on the provision of service it offers to its clients as well as the consideration it gives to its employees. However, the company should ensures that it meets the threshold of expanding its business to other countries in order to meet the current needs of its clients since customer satisfaction is key to the success of the company. This will steer the company’s customer case. Quality should be vital in their undertaking.


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