Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways

Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways

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Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways

Emirate Airlines are part of the Emirates group of companies that exist in United Arab Emirates. The company is one of the leading companies when it comes to travel and aviation industry. It hub is found at Dubai international airport at terminal 3. While Etihad Airways were started by the Royal (Amiri) in July 2003. I started its operation in November of the same year and has now developed to one of the fastest growing airlines in history. The company is situated in UAE. This overview gives a clear indication that one of the companies was established early than the other hence enjoys various advantages as compared to the other. In business, the time of commence of a business is an added advantage to the company hence Emirates Airline is in favor here.


The mission of Emirates airlines is to be a leading company is sustainability and maintaining the constituent growth of business with a rate of 20% and more in the coming ten years while that of Etihad is giving a refreshing and most welcoming environment to their guests and to ensure that they offer safe and secure service to its client’s based on internal standards. Based on the mission statement, it can be compared that the companies is that emirates is working to ensures expansion of its business borders while Etihad is working hard to improve its service to its clients.


The vision of Emirates airlines is to create and sustain the aviation market with the best leadership with will be ahead of a conservative track. That of Etihad is to create a reflection of the Arabian hospitality culture- to be 21st century international airline that is challenging and able to change the established conventions of airlines hospitality. It can be noted from the vision that Emirates airlines is working on visionary strategy that deals with sustaining the business using leaderships models as compared to Etihad that is working to establish its business on a transnational culture.


The Emirates Airlines over the years has been using various strategies in order to meet the needs of the customers, as well as that of the stakeholders. The company uses international strategies such as leadership and sustainability strategies as compared to Etihad that uses positioning strategy such as transnational culture in order to hit the aviation industry. It is has been able to position its flight in most needed lines in order to serve its clients.


In view of the analysis of the above, it is clear that the emirates airlines is more relaxed when handling its business. Currently it is working with international to meet its goals and objectives. However, it should adopt domestic strategy so as to avoid loss of local customers. As opposed to Emirates airlines, Etihad airlines should work more on international expansion, hence it calls for more of international strategies rather than transnational strategies.

Reason for Choice of Company

The reason the above companies were chosen is that they share almost the same vision and are widely used in the UAE. In addition, due to their international participation we thought it would offer credible analysis of international business.


HYPERLINK “https://www.etihad.com/en-us/about-us/corporate-profile/” https://www.etihad.com/en-us/about-us/corporate-profile/