Emirate ID company

Emirate ID company

Emirate ID company


Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is a free government power built by prudence of the elected announcement No. (2) of 2004. The declaration has enabled the Authority with extreme forces needed for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program.EIDA was created on 15th Shaaban 1425 H, Corresponding 29th September 2004 as per the constitution and the elected laws and declarations identified with the abilities of services and the forces of clergymen, naturalization, identifications and passage and habitation of exiles, the association of births and passings, the association of work undertakings and the changing laws thereof, notwithstanding announcements identified with the General Authority of Information and common administration at the central government.. Emirate ID provides several key service which influxes hospital services, prayer areas, childcare areas, coffee shop. The company focus to a relentless quest to acquire a quantum advantages in the overall effectiveness of service offering to its core centre and increase the level of competitive at domestic and globally.


In this particular context, customers’ satisfaction is achieved by the company by providing the reliable identity and technological applications used by the authority help in understanding the mix platform of technology in a particular business organization (Potts, 2003). Therefore, the sustainable development in terms of business planning and economical growth is achieved by various organizations and employment issues is properly maintained due to innovative technological implementation by the authority and thus the overall customers satisfaction is achieved with the help of enhanced development. On the other hand, easy access of a particular service and reliable internal staff’s behaviour also helps in achieving customers’ satisfaction (Id.gov.ae, 2015).

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any organization operating at domestic or at global platform. The service provided by the company proves to play a pivotal role in managing its customer base effectively and satisfying as per the need and demand of the customer. The company constantly focuses to increase the level of competition by providing irreplaceable service to their customer with the help of the modern method. The company have several service which take a leading advantage over their arch rival which are service for individual, service for organization, e-services, customer charter and bundled service related to the life events.

There are several service the Emirate ID provide which help them to earn good reputation locally and globally related to the customer satisfaction which eventually help to take a leading advantages over their arch rival.


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