Eighth Monday and Thursday Assignment

Eighth Monday and Thursday Assignment






Eighth Monday and Thursday Assignment

Eighth Monday Assignment

“I am not strong because I can force others to do what I wish. . . , but because I can allow them to do what they wish.”—James P. Carse   

  When Mary came to the playground and found everybody else busy, she stood by the side and watched. Mary is a popular student in the sixth grade known for her bullying practices. Everybody feared her and at this time, we expected her to act violently. However, she just stood by and watched the game. With time, she seemed to be enjoying it and even began cheering. After the game, everybody wanted to be in her company. This was unlike in the past when she was greatly feared and everybody took all measures to avoid her. Indeed, this was a renewed popularity.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”—Plato

Last Saturday, my younger brother took my father’s car and together with his friends, decided to drive around the neighborhood. He had always known my father to be a polite gentleman and for this reason, he did not bother to ask for permission to use his car. Nobody was at home at that time. Hardly had they driven for thirty minutes than they had a terrible accident. According to the police reports, this was caused by over speeding. My father was very furious. I had never seen him gnash his teeth before. Perhaps this was because we had never done a terrible mistake such as this. He was infuriated to the point of suggesting to the police that my brother be charged for this offence.

“All grown-ups were once children, though few of them remember it.”—Antoine de Saint Exupery

My sixth birthday is the most memorable of all the birthdays I have celebrated to date. When my mother came home from work the previous day, she looked tired and worn out. Nonetheless, she knew she was supposed to make me the most delicious cake. It is not that she could not afford one at the bakery; she just wanted to teach me how to make one. I had always nagged her to demonstrate to me previously. Although she was very tired, she still smiled at me and said “come over sweetheart, we need to make the cake. You know, my mother also taught me how to bake one on my sixth birthday.” I now understood why she still had to make the cake, despite of her exhaustion. It turned out to be the richest and most delicious birthday cake.

Thursday Assignment

An Angel from God

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation

In this hospital ward at the heart of the city, Sydney bends over the little Kate’s bed. She clutches her teddy bear tightly and stares silently at the ceiling. As she tightens her arms around this teddy bear, Sydney tells that little Kate is afraid that this would be taken from her. She whispers reassuringly to her, “do not worry, it will soon be over. And this bear belongs to you.” Kate remains expressionless for some time and Sydney knows what she is expected to do. She scoops up the child and holds her very close to her. While blinking back painful tears, she slowly rocks the limp and unresponsive child. She does this with a kind of softness done to newborn infants while whispering over and over, “I love you Kate.” She knows for sure that this is what Kate aches for. She understands better because she was once brutalized.

Sydney is Kate’s neighbor who called the police after she heard screams and suspected that things were not right across the fence. Ever since Kate’s mother passed on, and her father remarried, she has never lived a peaceful life. She was only eight years old, and had been exposed to brutality for a long time. Although Sydney suspected that the child was exposed to ill treatment, she never knew it could be this extreme.

When her mother died, Kate was only seven years. They had been friends with their neighbors but as soon as her father remarried, the close friendship was broken. Kate was not allowed to go out and play with Sydney’s children as it used to be previously. Occasionally, Sydney overheard Kate’s step mother say to the child, “You are allowed to play with all other kids in the neighborhood but Sydney’s.” Gradually, little Kate hated Sydney’s children and avoided them like plague. When they asked her to join them in games, Kate could simply walk away and shout, “Your mother is the most evil lady in this world!” This continued for some time and although Sydney raised the concerns to Kate’s father, minimal efforts were undertaken to address this. Kate on the other hand hated Sydney and openly told her so. She avoided playing with her children or even talking to them. She really believed that Sydney was indeed evil.

On this fateful Friday evening, Sydney returned home from work as usual. She however decided to take her kids for a walk. While passing her neighbor’s gate, she heard screams of “help! Help! Help!” After listening for some time, she could tell that they were indeed Kate’s. She quickly ran towards the house but upon reaching the door, it was locked. She banged he door and shouted on top of her voices, “Mrs. Dave, if you don’t open the door now, I am calling the police!” She peeped through the window and what she saw was unbelievable. Kate was lying on the floor, bleeding and probably unconscious. Mr. Dave was not at home at that time.

She called the police and within five minutes, the ambulance had arrived. They forced the door in to rescue the child and took in Mrs. Dave for questioning. Sydney accompanied the child to the hospital where she was admitted upon arrival. After rocking her for almost an hour, Kate finally smiles. Sydney knows that the child now has confidence in her. Kate opens her mouth to say something but winces in pain and stops. She sustains serious head injuries and is bandaged heavily. Sydney says, “Shshhhhh… you do not have to say anything for now. Just sleep little Kate. You need to rest.” She puts her down on the bed and after two minutes, Kate closes her eyes in a deep slumber. Sydney sighs with relief. She knows that the child is now at peace. At least, she knows Kate is sure that she is not evil. Although she was unable to say anything, Kate perceives Sydney to be an angel from above, sent in a timely manner to rescue her from the cruel hands of her stepmother.