EFQM Excellence Model

EFQM Excellence Model





EFQM Excellence Model

European Foundation for Quality management is an excellent model which helps an organization to measure the areas of improvement in an organization. It is an excellent model because it focuses on what the organization does or should do in order to provide excellent services to their customers and how relate with the stakeholders in the organization. Both private and public sectors are able to benefit from using the excellence model. It is applicable to all organizations because it does not necessarily involve following set of rules. It provides a way in which the organization should operate in all its aspects to promote easier management of the organization. This essay focuses on the application of four main elements of EFQM in an Abu Dhabi Ports company.

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company should follow a certain strategy of the EFQM. That is concerning how the organization should conduct itself on given aspects in the organization. The key areas that this model looks into include people, leadership, policy and strategy, processes, and lastly partnership and resources. These are the four main elements that Abu Dhabi Company should incorporate in its management system.

The first element is appropriate leadership. For an organization to run well and make profits, it requires an effective leadership strategy. The leaders are supposed to ensure that, there is effective communication between the workers and the management. This is to ensure that, the organization operates well. Communication is an important aspect in the organization that is why the leaders are supposed to ensure that there is feedback on the part of the recipient in order to provide flow of information from one party to another. Leaders in Abu Dhabi Ports Company should ensure that they develop a good communication structure for proper coordination in the organization.

The other element is people who include customers and employees in Abu Dhabi Ports Company. The excellent model ensures that, the customers and employees are satisfied. This is determined by the way they impact on the community at large. Through the excellent model, you are able to examine the operation of the organization through a series of practical questions. Through a given criteria, the organization is supposed to create questions to carry out the research on the wellbeing of the organization. After carrying out the research, the organization is supposed to improve the areas that have impacted negatively on the organization. When carrying out the research, the organization should select criteria that best suits them and the people around.

Some of the ways include coming up with questionnaires based on the excellent model. You can also come up with a workshop where all the issues in the organization are dealt with. The other approach is where the organization gives detailed information on the organization. Lastly, the organization may decide to come up with small teams within the organization and work with these small teams. This model mainly aims at improving the internal operation of the organization for the good of different stakeholders in the company.

The model also helps the organization to create a link between the achievements of the organization and what the organization does. It clearly outlines the procedures that the organization has used to achieve different goals. It highlights how the company coordinates its activity for the achievement of the set goals. The excellence model provides a certain framework that is useful in an organization. The framework systematically addresses the issues in an organization in this case Abu Dhabi Ports Company has come up with an effective communication strategy.

To ensure the effectiveness in an organization, there are different resources which include courses, support, information, leadership, staff time, and skills. Analytical and strategic skills are required to ensure that all the aspects of the organization are met. In the excellence model the company may seek outside training to guide the process. This is to ensure that the organization gets accurate information and corrects areas that may need correction within the organization. Time is needed to address the issues in question. This is because the process may involve inclusion of customers and the stakeholders in the organization.

In the excellence model, the company should have advisors and consultants. These people provide advice to the members of the organization in a broad spectrum. During the meeting the advisors provide information to the people who have attended the meeting. That means that, the advisors are supposed to have knowledge about the company so that they may offer proper and relevant advice to the members of the organization. Leadership is also an important aspect addressed by the excellence model. Therefore, there must be a good relationship between the staff and the leaders. The management should be actively involved in all the activities of the organization.

The excellence model has a great impact on Abu Dhabi Ports Company is committed towards conserving and promoting its heritage, traditions, and culture. It is one of the most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates. It carries out trade with other states within the areas of its jurisdiction. There are different stakeholders who ensure that the activities of the organizations run effectively. All the stakeholders coordinate effectively in all the operations of the organization. There are different teams that are supposed to work together which include aviation, attractions, tour operators, retail, hospitality, and Business Tourism. These different teams are supposed to work together as one entity to ensure that all the functions are in order.

The excellence model ensures that, the company comes up with a strategy or policy which facilitates the operation of the organization. The Abu Dhabi Ports Company has come up with strategic direction for the culture and tourism sectors. This helps them improve the image of the organization. By coming up with a strategy of it facilitates faster decision making. The division also helps in monitoring the activities of the organization and benchmarking internally to improve different aspects in the organization. The different activities carried out in this department include market intelligence, strategy and policy, and lastly performance and risk management. The business plans are created through the measurement of the sector performance. This greatly improves the image of an organization.

Different analytical and strategic skills are also incorporated in Abu Dhabi Ports Company. This is an element of the EFGM. It has an online revenue and statistics system used to operate all the aspects of the organization. The guests use it to submit all the information on guest’s statistics and the revenue. The information obtained from the statistics ensures that the stakeholders get accurate information on different aspects in the tourism sector. The information obtained is used to make strategic and informed business decisions. The management ensures that, all the stakeholders in the business work together effectively to ensure that the company operates in the appropriate manner.

Additionally, the management ensures that the culture of the people is maintained in all its operations. This is another element of the EFQM. They do this by protecting the archeological sites such as museums. This is to maintain the customer relationship that is supposed to be upheld in a high regard. They have also created a website where customers and interested parties can give their opinion on the improvements that they need to be made. Abu Dhabi Ports Company ensures that it maintains the culture of the people around.

In a nutshell, the excellence model is appropriate is applicable in Abu Dhabi Ports Company. All the resources involved in the excellence model are clearly portrait in Abu Dhabi Ports Company. They include leadership, skills, staff time, and courses, information, and support. In Abu Dhabi, the chairman is the leader and ensures that, all the activities are coordinated effectively. He ensures that the culture of the state is maintained to ensure that the business maintains a good relationship between the business and the society. Excellence model enables an organization to gain competitive advantage and know how to relate well with customers. It will also enable the organization to increase its productivity and profitability. This is by the coordination of the activities in the organization. The main goal of the excellence model is to ensure that the image of the organization is improved. Abu Dhabi Ports Company will be able to improve its infrastructure by incorporating these four elements discussed above.