Education Culture in UAE

Education Culture in UAE

Education Culture in UAE



Oral History

The interview was conducted to Laialy Alhammadi an Islamic teacher in Abu Dhabi. The interview was done in her workplace between 8-9am on Tuesday 21st April 2015.


One of the UAE’s most astounding needs has dependably been education. As His Highness (H.H.) Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, organizer of the UAE, noticed, “The best utilize that can be made of riches is to put it in making eras of taught and prepared individuals.” and “The genuine resource of any cutting-edge country is its kin, particularly the informed ones, and the success and achievement of the individuals are measured by the standard of their education. (Wilkins, 2010)”

A fast ascent in populace has required a significant interest in education. Today, the UAE offers an exhaustive education to all male and female understudies from kindergarten to college, with education for the nation’s residents being without given at all levels. There is likewise a far reaching private schooling division, while a few thousand understudies, of both genders, seek after courses of advanced education abroad at government cost (Stephenson, Russell & Edgar, 2010).

Much has been attained to since the mid-1970s however endeavors are presently being made to enhance the instructive environment for all understudies, in accordance with a re-assessment of the part of government.

The UAE has concentrated on teaching both men and ladies. In 1975, the rate of grown-up proficiency was 54% among men and 31% among ladies. Today, education rates for both sexes are almost 90% (Stephenson, Russell & Edgar, 2010).

New activities are being propelled at all instructive levels. A key region of center has been to change K-12 projects, to guarantee that UAE understudies are completely arranged to go to colleges around the globe and contend in the worldwide commercial center. Also, a portion of the world’s best colleges are making projects in the UAE, pulling in capable understudies in the Arab world and comprehensively.

The UAE connects incredible significance to education, which goes back to recorded times. Education in the UAE has developed from the basic customary mode and is in accordance with global benchmarks (Muysken & Nour, 2006).

This advancement in education started on December 2, 1971 when the organization of the UAE was declared and government services were situated up including the Ministry of Education, which was depended with the undertaking of overseeing education at a national level. This prompted the development of open (government) schools, which got to be furnished with the most recent instructive systems (Muysken & Nour, 2006). Moreover, instructive missions were conveyed from Arab nations to add to creating present day education, bringing about an instructive blast that prompted an increment in the quantity of taught natives and to the annihilation of absence of education.

In parallel, Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is the world’s just free zone committed to advanced education. These organizations offer projects that range in length of time from one year to four years. Significant scholastic projects on offer incorporate; building, software engineering, money, media, education, form and outline, biotechnology, ecological studies, quality administration and business administration programs.

The KHDA gives a rundown of all Dubai-licensed government and private colleges, while the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) has authorized 69 colleges and schools to work in the UAE (Gallagher, 2011).

Importance of UAE education to Tourism

Instructive Tourism as an item and guest fragment has the capability of procuring solid returns for Abu Dhabi through expanded appearances and mindfulness and additionally aggressive situating. The understudy trade is principal to the achievement of this project as the long haul point is to have abroad understudies come to Abu Dhabi and their Emirati partners going out to see and cooperate with the world inside an instructive setting,” included Laialy Alhammadi .

A Child whether considered in UAE is conceived without information of “Society”. From the earliest starting point of time, most preliterate social orders had almost no type of learning framework, or what one would customarily call school or educators (Gallagher, 2011). As social orders developed more intricate nonetheless, the nature of learning to be gone on starting with one era then onto the next got to be more than any individual can know, and henceforth there must develop more specific and effective method for social transmission. Education is along these lines intended to guide the general public in taking in a society, forming the behavioral example of the general public and putting a general public on the right bearing. With time, society got to be regularly significance to education and it likewise started to form the general goal, substance, association and methods of education. In this way, education as an area supporter initiated existence and it is always been characterized and re-imagined in different nations to meet the national objectives and yearnings (Gallagher, 2011). UAE as a nation has gone far in giving great education framework to us natives. Government have for a considerable length of time put more endeavors in the advancement of education both fiscally and something else. These in any case, the Federal Ministry of Education have contributed their own share for the enhancement of our education approach which has yet met its attractive objectives.

Be that as it may, for a practical tourism improvement in UAE, fitting education system ought not be dismissed. Education is an exceptionally key alternative in the advancement of our tourism industry. UAE which is honored with both common and social attractions has a considerable measure to showcase to the whole world. The most vital thing is that around 70% of our tourism possibilities are essentially situated in our country zones in this way confronting carelessness which causes to the obliteration and blurring of these attractions. Our social attractions are one of the best on the planet (Gallagher, 2011). Be that as it may it is currently confronting a huge issue of continuity because of poor education of our kin. Some of our characteristic attractions confront the issue of undeveloped in this manner pulls in low or no visitor to these destinations. We can’t over underline on this issue, legitimate education system ought to be placed set up in instructing the UAE open about the significance of tourism both in monetary and human asset improvement of these nation (Gallagher, 2011).

Without missing words, UAE is looking forward in turning into one of the ten wealthiest monetary nations of the world by 20, 2020, tourism being one of the quickest developing financial foundations on the planet ought not to be dismissed in this angle. Instructing the UAE open is extremely crucial on the assurance, conservation and support of these heavenly endowments which God has endowed us with (Muysken & Nour, 2006). The hindrance UAE as a nation confronts in tourism advancement is un-professionalized staff in the business. The human asset structure of our tourism industry is not reassuring. A portion of the work force working under this industry both in the elected, state and neighborhood government levels know nothing about tourism. This is the real hindrance which the tourism business in UAE is enduring today. The reason for this obstruction is low education projects by our government service of society and tourism, the elected service of education, other partners and Tourism specialists. Education is imperative in every part of human life (Muysken & Nour, 2006). It elevates a general public and make them a fundamental apparatus in the improvement of any nation or state. For our tourism industry to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), our administration ought to consider education as one of the apparatuses for advancing tourism.

Journey in the past

An interview with Khamis Ali Al Kindi

The following day, I took my scaled down recording device and went to meet the old man. In transit, weird considerations struck my psyche that I am going to meet a cantankerous old man who can scarcely talk. I came to my destination; Ahmed was sitting tight for me to acquaint with his granddad in individual. The old man lived in a basic house close to the mosque, shockingly he was sitting tight for me before his home. The subjects we used were hadith, Quran and Arabic.

We used to learn in a just developed mosque in the morning and in a shed under the tree toward the evening; we used to set in semi-circle confronting Teachers who used to point with a long round bit of wood. In the Morning we used to take in verses from the blessed Quran perusing, discussing and remembering it was reiteration based method

I was exceptionally watchful not to intrude on him while he was talking; I just continued listening and recording. This whimsical meeting was hindered by the boisterous sound of Al Maghreb request to God call (Athan); Salience ruled everywhere; once they bring was over, He said this meeting is over; I must set myself up to Al Maghreb supplication to God. I was stunned how an old man could recollect the occasions frame his past in the smallest points of interest. We all went to go to the petition to God. When I was going to leave, the old man let me know that I could visit whenever I like to complete this meeting.

The following meeting was after two days; I was there instantly after the twelve request to God to have as much time as I can. This time, the old man went with me to an old town precisely to the tree where they used to be taught under. He stopped for quite a while; he indicated a spot and used to set there on a floor covering, and we used to make a semi-hover around him. He quit talking for some time as though he was reviewing the occasion.


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What is the value of education in UAE today and in the past?

How has education in UAE affected the culture of the people?

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To what extent has the effects of education-tourism strategy helps UAE and Its people?

To is the future for this tourism strategy?

What do you advocate as the best way to manage both education and tourism culture in UAE?