Education-Article Analysis

Education-Article Analysis

Article Analysis


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It is evident that the article talks about instructional methods or programs that can be used in assisting children with disability to improve their learning skills. In addition, a classroom setting is used not only to define teaching and learning but also to elaborate the provision of instruction to children with disability on different setting such as at homes amid other contexts. Therefore, “classroom” is used as a generalization overview of these settings. As an Early Childhood Special Educator, I consider that the article tries to address the limitations in instructional delivery that children with disability face as well it offers credible solutions to the challenges noted in previous research or anticipated challenges.The article clearly deliberates on the steps that special childhood educators should implement so as curb the current challenges that both the children and the educators face as they try to learn and teach respectively. The first significance of this state of research is that it offers an understanding that naturalistic procedures are vital in classroom learning amid children with disabilities. The educators should be able to incorporate “children lead” in curriculum because it has proved in the past that it’s one of the best instructional naturalistic practices.Since, there is lack of clear embedding instructional support services so far, I consider that future research should consider equipping this idea with credible information in order to cushion the problems that children with disabilities go through in the learning process. Solutions to the challenges presented should also be on board in order to narrow gaps or limitations in ECSE research. Social understanding of these children development stages should also be studied in greater perspective in order to determine the best instructional programs to use.


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