For those concerned enough to consider their personal lifestyle behaviors, what can you do if there are no environmentally friendly alternatives to our current practices. Just feel guilty or give up…why?


More than the eighty percent of the worldwide energy demand has been presently supplied through the fossil fuels coal, the oil or the gas. This would be impossible for finding the alternative sources that might replace the fossil fuels in short or the medium term. Energy demand has been just too high.

We have believed so as to be able for controlling the Nature rather to try for arranging ourselves with the Nature. Such haughtiness has been a true main cause about the global warming. As the matter of the fact, few people have still believed that the technical solutions alone should be sufficient towards fighting the global warming.

This has been in our very own interest for inducing the fundamental changes in the attitude as well as behavior to Nature: the Modesty as well as the humility, admiration & respect for all the life on the Earth rather of the arrogance as well as the haughtiness. Not others required for changing, we should change ourselves. We may start towards changes our consciousness very fast.