E Portfolio Assessment Two


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Each question will have its own set of instructions in regards presentation, length referencing and so on.
Each question will specify a word limit and will be required to be correctly referenced using APA referencing and a complete reference list will be included with the submission.
As well as your reference list your ePortfolio must contain;
? A title page,
? A table of contents,
? The Assessment criteria sheet.
? Any assessment tools used must be included as an attachment.

1.’Everyone has mental health, not everyone has mental illness’
In 500 words using up to date relevant references discuss the above comment.

2. As a registered nurse you must be aware of different levels of interaction. With this in mind what is the
difference between: Social, Therapeutic and Intimate relationships and how, if at all do they overlap.
This is 500 words and you must again use up to date relevant references.

3.Undertaking a Mental State Examination is a core skill in mental health nursing. In clinical settings, it is a
pivotal segment to the more comprehensive psycho-social mental health assessment. There are several
domains and lines of questioning utilised in a mental state examination.
For this assessment task, you are to select from either Thought Content OR Perception as the domain for your
discussion. In 500 words, discuss the types of symptoms or description of the phenomena that is associated
with the chosen domain. The inclusion of accurate clinical language is essential for this task. To assist you, p.24
of the APA MSE guidelines document provides some basic information. A minimum of 4 citations from
textbooks and/or peer reviewed literature are required.

5.Using up to date relevant references in 500 words: What is intentional peer support?

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