Dubai Airport Construction Project Management

Dubai Airport Construction Project Management

Dubai Airport Construction Project Management



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Overview Dubai AirportBuilding the Dubai Airport obliged more than 22 million man hours from around 12,000 experts and talented laborers, and more than 60 advisors and contracting organizations from as far and wide as possible. In a genuine sense this venture was a worldwide dare to showcase the accomplishment of extreme designing and the innovative headway which the people have accomplished through devotion and diligent work all these years. “Dubai Airport was genuinely a universal joint effort between more than 30 on- site- contracting organizations from countries far and wide (Chan & Scott, 2004). At the crest of development, more than 12,000 laborers and contractors were on location consistently, speaking to more than 100 nationalities. Here is most likely the time administration of this undertaking may have been a standout amongst the most difficult errands that the group must have confronted amid its development. The size and extent of this venture was on such a substantial scale, to the point that a few issues were unavoidable, independent of any measures taken. To begin with we should observe the development timetable which will be examined further. Likewise we will examine the issues that the undertaking administration group needed to experience and how well they found themselves able to manage it controlling the calendar of this venture with least defers.

As per the authorities pumping the cement to the record stature of 828 meters was the hardest piece of building this tower. Two of the world’s biggest pumps fabricated by Putzmeister, were utilized to supply cement for the development of this building. These pumps bound together with 150 mm pipeline could supply a monstrous 350 bars of cement weight. “Above level 127 of the tower, a changed blend of cement was utilized to record for changing weight prerequisites because of stature. Notwithstanding that the climatic state of Dubai was likewise an element that deferred the development process (Del Cano & de la Cruz, 2002). “Work at Dubai Airport is completed in three movements. Because of high day time temperatures up to 50° Celsius – the cement works are normally completed amid the somewhat cooler evening hours. “The impacts of Dubai’s fluctuating occasional temperatures made it a test to legitimately pump, pour and set concrete.

Vision and MissionOur VisionThe region’s ultimate destination

Our MissionAdding value to UAE economy by providing integrated business solutions, to attract regional and international investors looking for a unique business platform, through service excellence in a customer centric business environment, by dedicated competent and loyal people (Liberatore, Pollack-Johnson & Smith, 2001).

Goals and ObjectivesThe imparted objective is to make Dubai a worldwide middle of avionics and we are nearing that objective on account of an open skies approach, a cordial business environment, Dubai’s developing appeal as a core for exchange, trade and tourism, developing system network because of the fast development of Emirates and fly-Dubai and auspicious interest in aeronautics foundation.

Project initiation Phase

A construction project begins with an idea, a perceived need, and a yearning to enhance or add to beneficial limit or the wish for more proficient procurement of some open administration. Whether the thought will be changed over into a finished undertaking will be chosen amid the planning and outline stage. Nonetheless, preceding that, among the first things the manager must do is to choose what kind of undertaking conveyance framework will be utilized. By what method will the different gatherings be connected? Will the holder captivate an outline proficient to plan arrangements and details and afterward contract independently with a development contractor? Then again, will a solitary substance be in charge of the whole venture? Other conceivable alternatives incorporate a few different claim to fame foremen, every related by contract with the holder, the utilization of a development chief as a counselor to the manager, the utilization of the manager’s own development strengths and the staging of the task such that individual segments of the field work are started preceding the finish of all configuration work.

The other primary decision required by the owner early on time in the venture identifies with the sort of agreement to be utilized with the contractor. Will the contractor be paid a pointed out altered value, paying little mind to the real amounts utilized as a part of the undertaking and paying little mind to the contractor’s genuine expenses? Will the amounts of materials be measured and the contractor paid on the premise of those amounts and prepared-upon unit costs for every material? Then again, will the contractor be repaid for its genuine expenses, in addition to a charge, maybe with a settled upon furthest breaking point? The holder will likewise need to choose the premise whereupon the outline proficient will be paid. Frequently these choices are not made without discussion and exhortation. Contingent on the holder’s ability and involvement in regulating development gets, the manager may captivate an expert specialist, a modeler or a task administrator amid this preproject stage to prompt on these essential choices.

During the first of these phases, the initiation phase, the project objective destination or need is recognized; this can be a business issue or opportunity. A proper reaction to the need is recorded in a business case with suggested arrangement choices. A possibility study is led to research whether every alternative addresses the task goal and a last prescribed arrangement is resolved. Issues of possibility (“would we be able to do the undertaking?”) and defense (“if we do the task?”) are tended to.

Once the recommended solution is approved, is launched to convey the affirmed arrangement and a task supervisor is selected. The real deliverables and the partaking work gatherings are distinguished, and the venture group starts to come to fruition. Endorsement is then looked for by the task administrator to move onto the detailed planning phase

Project Planning PhaseThe project is fully defined and made ready for contractor selection and prepared for contractor determination and sending amid the planning and configuration stage. It is advantageous to gap this stage into three stages. The objective of the first stage is to characterize the venture’s targets, consider option approaches to achieve those goals and learn whether the undertaking is monetarily doable. In this procedure of planning and possibility think about, a venture short will be created, more points of interest will be put forward in a system proclamation, different locales may be examined, open information may be looked for, a preparatory expense assessment will be arranged, subsidizing sources will be distinguished and a definite choice on whether to move ahead with the undertaking will be rendered.

In the second stage, the design professional will use the results of the planning endeavors to create schematic outlines demonstrating the connections among the different venture segments, took after by itemized configuration of the structural, electrical and different frameworks. This last action is the established bad-to-the-bone building natural to understudies in the outline callings, in which different designing standards are utilized to gauge loads and different necessities, select materials, focus segment sizes and setups and guarantee that every component is fitting in connection to different components. The yield from this outline improvement exertion is utilized as a part of the last stage, wherein contract reports are readied for utilization in contractor determination and establishment work at the development site. The outline proficient plans the definite development drawings as well as composed contract conditions containing legitimate necessities, specialized details stipulating the materials and the way in which they might be introduced and a set of different reports identified with the procedure of selecting the contractor and settling the agreement with the effective tenderer.

The next phase, the planning phase, is the place the venture arrangement is further grown in however much detail as could be expected and the steps important to meet the venture’s target are arranged. In this step, the group recognizes the majority of the work to be carried out. The venture’s errands and asset prerequisites are distinguished, alongside the method for creating them. This is likewise alluded to as “extension administration.” A task arrangement is made sketching out the exercises, assignments, conditions, and time spans. The undertaking supervisor organizes the arrangement of a venture plan by giving expense evaluations to the work, supplies, and materials costs. The monetary allowance is utilized to screen and control cost uses amid task usage.

Once the project team has identified the work, prepared the schedule, and evaluated the expenses, the three essential segments of the arranging procedure are finished. This is an astounding time to distinguish and attempt to manage anything that may represent a danger to the fruitful consummation of the task. This is called danger administration. In danger administration, “high-risk” potential issues are recognized alongside the activity that is to be tackled every high-danger potential issue, either to decrease the likelihood that the issue will happen or to diminish the effect on the task in the event that it does happen. This is likewise a decent time to distinguish all venture partners and make a correspondence arrangement portraying the data required and the conveyance system to be utilized to keep the partners educated (Liberatore, Pollack-Johnson & Smith, 2001).

Finally, you will want to document a quality plan, providing quality targets, giving quality targets, affirmation, and control measures, alongside an acknowledgement arrangement, posting the criteria to be met to increase client acknowledgement. Right now, the venture would have been arranged in point of interest and is prepared to be executed.

Implementation (Execution) PhaseDuring the third phase, the implementation phase, the project plan is put into movement and the work of the undertaking is performed. It is critical to keep up control and convey as required amid usage. Advancement is ceaselessly observed and suitable conformities are made and recorded as changes from the first arrangement. In any venture, an undertaking supervisor invests more often than not in this step. Amid undertaking usage, individuals are completing the errands, and advancement data is being accounted for through consistent group gatherings. The undertaking administrator utilizes this data to keep up control over the bearing of the task by contrasting the advancement reports and the venture plan to gauge the execution of the venture exercises and make restorative move as required. The primary approach ought to dependably be to bring the venture again on course (i.e., to return it to the first arrangement). In the event that that can’t happen, the group ought to record varieties from the first arrangement and record and distribute alterations to the arrangement. All through this step, venture patrons and other key partners ought to be kept educated of the venture’s status as per the concurred on recurrence and arrangement of correspondence. The arrangement ought to be overhauled and distributed all the time.

Status reports should always emphasize the anticipated end point in terms of cost, schedule, and quality of deliverables. Every task deliverable delivered ought to be surveyed for quality and measured against the acknowledgement criteria. When the majority of the deliverables have been created and the client has acknowledged the last arrangement, the task is prepared for conclusion.

Project Control PhaseIn presenting the contractor’s activities on the construction site, we will recommend, maybe too essentially, that the obligations include three essential territories: observing and control, asset administration and documentation and correspondence. Five parts of checking and controlling the work are essential. Genuine timetable advancement must be contrasted against the task program with figure out if the venture is on calendar; in the event that it is not, activities must be embraced to attempt to bring the system go into conformance. In like manner, the expense status must be checked to secure how real execution contrasts and the financial backing. A just as essential piece of observing and control is quality administration, to guarantee that the work conforms to the specialized necessities put forward in the agreement archives. Likewise, the contractor has an imperative part to play in dealing with the work securely and in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts.

In managing the project’s resources, the contractor will, first, be concerned with doling out and regulating staff and guaranteeing that the work exertion is sufficiently gainful to meet timetable, expense and quality objectives. Also, materials and plant must be overseen so that these same objectives are met. Since development activities oblige a lot of paperwork, a unique exertion is obliged to deal with this documentation successfully. Illustrations incorporate the different unique drawings and tests that must be submitted to the holder or outline proficient for support preceding establishment, the regular need to react to demands for changes in the venture after the on location work has started and the immeasurably imperative procedure for intermittently surveying the estimation of work finished and asking for installment for this work. Different on-line and other electronic means are accessible to help contractors with report administration and undertaking interchanges.

Project closeout phase

Finally, as the project nears completion, various unique exercises must happen before the contractor’s obligations can be viewed as complete (Sunindijo, Hadikusumo & Ogunlana, 2007). There are the different testing and startup assignments, the last cleanup, different reviews and healing work that may come about because of them and the methodology of shutting the development office and firing the staff’s business. What’s more, a horde of exceptional paperwork is obliged, including approbations and affirmations that permit the contractor to get last installment, a set of as-constructed drawings that incorporate all progressions made to the first outline, working manuals, guarantees and a last report. The contractor will likewise be in charge of exchanging and chronicling undertaking records and will direct a task study and assessment; administrator preparing may additionally be a piece of the contractor’s contractual obligations.

Recommendations 1. Continuously be careful that the An/E firm is an expert responsible just to the PM. As the configuration is created and the An/E associates with partners, new prerequisites and degree will be found, some more legitimized than the rest. The PM must decide which of these components ought to be fused into the undertaking and focus the estimation of included configuration and development costs.

2. Don’t belittle venture effects to pipelines, electrical boards or gear. Essential work-around may oblige designed outlines, sidestep channeling, or ventilation work. Makeshift offices or HVAC and/or an arrangement for fractional plant or gear shutdowns might likewise need to be given.

3. Keep the framework holders on top of it. For the most part, the reason for activities is to redesign or enhance their frameworks. Being that they work the frameworks, they can give significant experiences to changes or report framework deficiencies. Here and there undertakings can be situated to be “win-win” by amending officially existing issues at no incremental expense. Framework holders are additionally exceptionally mindful of what appointing the frameworks will involve. Could components of what they need be joined into the configuration bundle?

4. Field check is essential. Moving even little conductors, pipes or tubes in live industrial facilities can now and again be inconceivable. Clashes must be recognized preceding discharging an outline with prescience that obstructions will be moved or the configuration will suit the obstruction set up. Constancy from the An/E firm to recognize clashes between configuration components and existing hindrances and choice making from the office’s partners to choose how to oblige these contentions in the outline in a convenient manner is vital to venture achievement.

5. At the point when new supplies is being set on a plant floor, consider move-in ways. Could the gear physically get from the stacking dock to its establishment area in one piece? Gear may must be planned or requested in pieces or degree may need to be incorporated to clear a way.

6. Break conditions can be a urgent thought. While the current state lives up to expectations for the office and the last built state additionally lives up to expectations, shouldn’t something be said about the state amid development? Is there space for the work-around and the new development to exist at the same time? Will the office keep on working between the bringing down of a bit of old gear and the establishment of new supplies? (Mak & Picken, 2000)

7. Get purchase off from framework and methodology holders amid configuration advancement to close down or change frameworks. In some cases the “conspicuous Plan A” will be a no-go. Case in point, the closest accessible tie-in that can be utilized may be many feet further away than anticipated, which includes critical undertaking expense. Framework and procedure manager information is pivotal with these contemplations.

8. Examine Dubai Airport Construction Projects with funneling and ventilation work amid configuration improvement. Some funneling and ventilation work materials or substance are not proper for hot-tapping either for designing reasons, office security, or operational conventions. That said, if the outline obliges joining with a framework that doesn’t have an accessible Dubai Airport Construction Project and can’t be closed down, the office is going to need to agree to the utilization of a current Dubai Airport Construction Project or direction a close down of that framework to make a tie-in.

9. Center outline audit sessions around the issue of framework interferences and related repercussions. It is simple for An/E to overestimate the viability of correspondences inside their customer’s Dubai Airport Construction Project. Attempt to get framework holders and procedure managers occupied with the exchange of expected framework intrusions.

10. Consider air quality prerequisites inside the office. Air quality can be an imperative concern to process managers at offices that make sustenance items, pharmaceuticals, microchips, and so on. Cement saw-cutting, welding, painting, sticking and top work are only a couple of development exercises that create dust or smells. Watch where outside air is taken in respect to these exercises. Watch likewise for pressurization connections between zones inside the office and outside.

ConclusionEvery major project has to through a series of difficulties. Nobody has an arrangement of how to manage them. Since nobody recognizes what sort of issue they may be managing. Yet a viable venture chief has the ability of taking care of the issues without hardly lifting a finger and significantly, he conveys the undertaking inside its extension. Dubai Airport excessively needed to experience various snags in every period of its development. Some of them are specified previously. Be that as it may it was for the venture administration group who took up the activity to keep the undertaking inside its arranged time and expense. On account of Dubai Airport, it was not only a solitary component that prompted a certain issue. There were occasions which summed up to turn into a more concerning issue. Case in point burrowing was not a major issue as numerous transport frameworks nowadays utilize this technique. However adding to the obsolete innovation exhibit in the nation it got to be hard to accomplish the procedure. Additionally the measure of populace in Dubai Airport is such a great amount in abundance that limiting community was unrealistic. Along these lines it got to be significantly harder to unearth amid burrowing furthermore keep up wellbeing which came about into numerous deplorable accidents. Without a doubt this was the first huge undertaking of its kind in India. Accordingly this can give a considerable measure of significant learning both positive and negative, to the task administrators without bounds.

AppendicesAppendix 1: Organizational Chart INCLUDEPICTURE “” * MERGEFORMATINET


Appendix 3: Bar Chart Scheduling


Appendix 4: project Resource Scheduling

Appendix 5: Project CharterProject Title: Dubai Airport Construction Project

Scope and Objectives: The Dubai Airport Construction Project is undergoing rapid change and growth resulting in an urgent need for a more efficient use of capital funds and for managing our many projects. To this end, we are implementing a new project management control system that will satisfy both these needs and will enhance our project teams’ ability to better focus on our customers’ requirements.

General Objectives:

Enable better communication among project, group, and corporate management with regard to progress of major projects.

Enable senior management to more closely monitor progress of major projects.

Provide project personnel the capability to manage and control their projects.

Specific Objectives:

Reporting and Control System

For communication of project activity within and between groups and senior management

Initially for high-cost projects, then for “critical,” then for all projects

Construction Project Support Systems

Survey with recommendations to determine the amount and cost of Construction Project support

Procedures Manuals

Document procedures and policies

Preliminary manual available by end of year for operator and user training

Project Management Training Course

Provide basic project planning and control skills to personnel directly involved in project management

Follow-on courses to provide software, financial, and contracting skills needed by project managers

Defining Conditions, Constraints, and Assumptions: The PMCS must be operational on the last day of this year. The first phase of this project is technical survey and a feasibility study with a go/no-go decision point at the conclusion of the study. Implementation of the PMCS will commence on July 1 if the recommendation is to proceed.

Project Organization: The key members of the project organization are:


Project Manager:

User Representatives:

Technical Lead:

Team Members: To be nominated by functional managers based upon the project manager’s skill set requirements and his recommendations. Functional managers will provide team members for the project duration and they will be 100%dedicated to the project.

Project Manager Authority and Responsibilities

Staffing – the project manager will determine the skill requirements for the PMCS project and provide them, along with specific team member names, by June 1 to the appropriate functional managers. The project manager is authorized to have one clerical person and one cost analysis to assist him. Because of other project priorities, the project team is limited to no more than10 technical members without specific authority from the President.

Budget – the initial estimate of the project cost is $500,000. This budget cannot be exceeded without authority from the President and the Chief Financial Officer.

Communications – status reports will be provided to the President, CFO, and the Sponsor bi-monthly.

Planning/Tracking – this project will be tracked using our in-house project management software. An earned value analysis will be provided in every other status report beginning with the second report.

Change Control – the project manager is authorized to make project changes provided they do not exceed $5,000 in additional cost and do not impact the schedule. Otherwise, any changes will be made through the Configuration Change Control Board.

Document/System Access – the project manager is authorized access to any company document or system in the pursuit of this project completion.

The project manager will provide a project plan to the Sponsor no later than May 12. The project plan will include a description of the work, schedules, budget, spending plan, resource utilization charts, risk management plans, and quality plan.

Support Requirements from Other Organizations:

The PMCS project has the top priority in The Dubai Airport Construction Project. Functional groups will provide all support possible to the project manager. Where conflicts in personnel assignments occur, the President will resolve them.


_____________________VP Project Management

_____________________VP Information Systems

_____________________Chief Financial Officer

_____________________VP Human Resources


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