Does the agency have multiple locations?

Knowing what resources are available in our community and statewide is paramount in helping families access services to help their situations.The purpose of this assignment is to:Identifying community resources that focus on helping families, schools and communities in dealing with majors forms of abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse and psychological maltreatment.Gain experience locating agencies that assist in buffering the short- and long-term physical, cognitive, social/emotional effects on children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect and other forms of trauma. Critically analyzing interventions and treatment processes, including services in the home, in educational settings, and in therapeutic settings. Based on this analysis, gain experience indesigning an ideal program for the prevention of child/adolescent abuse and/or neglect. Gain expertise on a critical topic in child and adolescent development. Developing awareness and prevention strategies including but not limited to common signs and symptoms of abuse/neglect, modes of reporting, advocacy strategies for parents, professionals, and general citizens. Gain knowledge of culture, race and ethnicity while discovering resources available to specific groups within the community.For this assignment you are required to compile a list of 7-8 resources in the community that focus on child, adolescent and/or family welfare. Remember that one of the goals of the assignment is to improve your research skills which includes using more than just the Internet to find answers. I strongly encourage you to use the library and/or call the organization and ask where you can find the answers.Part I: For EACH resource/agency answer the follow questions in your own words:1. Chapter 16 in the course textbook discusses three types of prevention efforts: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. For each agency, describe which prevention effort that the resource/agency is working towards?a. Be clear on exactly why it is that particular type of prevention effort and how the agency is working to do this? (note-some agencies will be using a combination of prevention efforts).2. What is/are the main function(s) of the resource/agency? Examples may include (teaching life skills, parenting classes, providing shelter, teaching anger management, etc?).3. Who is the target population?4. What exact services are offered?a. List any and all services5. What is the cost to the child, adolescent or parent?6. What is the process of applying to use the services?7. Does the agency have multiple locations? If so, list the other locations.8. How is the agency funded?9. What are your overall thoughts about this agency?Answer all of the above questions for each of your 7-8 resources.Part II: Write a conclusion summary that includes the following:What you learned through this process?Your overall thoughts on the resources you found in the community?Based on what you found and what you have learned over the course of the semester, explain how you would design an ideal program for the prevention of child/adolescent abuse and/or neglect.• Be creative, but practical.• Include how you could accomplish this plan?answer ALL of the questions for EACH resource and include a summary with your overall thoughts on as well as your ideas for designing an ideal program. You will submit first to check its originally report and you will receive an F for 35% of more.Please note- you are required to answer all of the questions above and provide information about each resource IN YOUR OWN WORDS*NOTE to writer: please write this with sources/resources from Los Angeles or the greater Los Angeles area including: Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks. Thank you. Let me know if you need the scale on how it will be graded or more chapters from the text book.

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