Discuss your professional opinion about the project as a future psychologist.

*You MUST be proficient in psychology to take on this assignment. You must be professional and able to write on a masters/graduate level.DO NOT apply if you do not meet this criteria.


1. Describe what each of your personality profiles letters mean
2. Provide information about your personality type, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences
3. List the occupations listed in the website that are likely to fit your personality profile
4. Compare and contrast the occupations described in the website with your own career choices
and professional goals
5. Discover and write about famous individuals who share your personality type
6. Reflect on the new findings about yourself and your interpersonal relationships at work, school,
and home

V. Your thoughts about this project

a) Discuss your professional opinion about the project, as a future psychologist. Write the pros
and cons about taking this test and how it can aid or not with your professional career. As this is
a test available in the public domain, will it be useful to use with your clients?

b) Reflect on your personal experience about this project. Has this exercise helped you
understand yourself better? How people in general react to you? Do you think this tool could
help you understand those reactions? Will it be helpful for your own personal growth?


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