Discuss three specific examples of graphic design associated with your topic.

The Individual Papers will present a clear thesis statement; well-structured discussions supported by relevant examples and facts from readings, lecture and independent research; and a strong summary conclusion. Following course emphases, you are also asked to research and address political, cultural and/or social context(s) surrounding production and reception of your assigned topic. Consider these papers as highly polished versions of an exam essay and use examples as needed to emphasize or clarify your point(s). Include these five standard points in your paper:1.) Who or what are you writing about? Use the Introduction of your paper to introduce and explain your assigned topic. An introduction should provide a good general sense of your topic, its importance, and an indication of what the paper will cover. 2.) Discuss three specific examples of graphic design associated with your topic. Support your discussion with concise descriptions (one to two sentences). Include captioned illustrations of at least two examples. Standard format is to set each captioned illustration on a separate page at end of paper. Use this standard caption format: Fig. 1: Designer Name, Title of Work, date, medium, location/country of origin. Include client information if available.3.) Why do the examples of graphic design look the way they do? Can connections be drawn between the design and a specific approach, technology, theoretical intent, or innovation of its designer? Consider style, typography, how produced and consumed, and other factors in answering questions.4.) What is or was the context of the design? What social, technological, ideological and/or other factors contributed to the ideation and production of the graphic design? What factors helped contribute to the successful reception of the design? Are there any writings, reviews, manifestoes or other announcements helped promote or formalize the style or intent of the design or its maker? 5.) Conclude with a discussion of your topics real or potential influence in the field of graphic design. Do the featured designs fit into a larger design trend and/or philosophy? Does the designer or style represent the vanguard of a new approach to design?PLEASE USE THE 3 SOURCE THAT I PUT ON MY THESIS FILE, YOU CAN CHANGE FIX OR ADD MORE THINGS ON THE THESIS. IT WAS NOT FINAL THESIS JUST BRAINSTROMING. THANKS!

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