Discuss the importance of research as it informs the future of nursing practice.

Write a 4–6 page paper and discuss each of the following questions in relation to your nursing practice using APA style and formatting.
Use APA level headings to develop each of the required elements of the assignment.
Discuss the importance of research as it informs the future of nursing practice.
Discuss two specific contributions you make to develop your colleagues in becoming a consumer of nursing research.
Describe at least two strategies you will use to maintain competency in using nursing research. Examples might include:
Perform a literature search on a particular practice issue and share with colleagues.
Join a nursing research discussion group.
Champion a nursing clinical issue to become a research study in your organization.
Describe three ways that your understanding of technologies and telecommunication in nursing and health care can have a positive impact on your practice.
Propose one strategy to increase the participation of the nursing profession in research and lifelong learning.
What role might technology and telecommunications play in promoting research participation?
Prepare the assignment.
Follow APA style guidelines.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
Include a title and reference page.
Use the following subheadings:
Advocating for Research in Nursing.
Maintaining Competency in Research Practices.
The Future of Technologies in Nursing and Research.

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