Discuss how your personal values and beliefs exemplify spiritual care.

Reflect on a situation from your practice.
Review this situation from the perspective of the patterns of knowing. How was each pattern reflected in your response to the situation? How did the aspect of spiritual ministry apply to your situation?
Post your situation and your response to the situation on the discussion board. Conclude your posting with thoughts on how things may have been different had you not applied the patterns of knowing.

Reflecting God is a daily devotional sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene with the goal of embracing holy living. Please click on Reflecting God every day that you would like to read a different devotional or you may subscribe to this site and receive your daily devotional via email.


Nursing is a practice discipline that incorporates scientific and nonscientific knowledge originating from scholarly inquiry. To understand nursing one must understand the concepts, theories, and laws that are constant and evolving. This understanding will inform practice. This week you will begin to explore how theory and knowledge have developed. As you explore the patterns, consider how you might apply some of the patterns to your own practice.


Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

Identify the concepts, theories, and laws that inform nursing practice.
Discuss the five patterns of knowing in a situation from your own practice.
Discuss the role of the holistic nurse.
Discuss how your personal values and beliefs exemplify spiritual care.

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