Discuss how you feel a masters degree will help you in your future role(s).

As part of this course, you will be introduced to a range of new technologies that can be used to communicate in your classroom, with your peers, other learners, and as a means for self reflection. To begin that journey, choose one of the two technology options listed below to complete your introduction.

Option One: Create a presentation using Screencast O matic Include a slide, video, document, or photo as part of your introduction. Once complete, post or embed your link in the “Post Your Introduction” discussion forum.

Option Two: Create a photo story to introduce yourself using VoiceThread. Post or embed your link or presentation in the “Post Your Introduction” discussion forum.

Your introduction should address the following elements:

Tell us who you are, your professional background and experience, and your interests. Share the type of school you attended as a child (public, private, charter, etc..) and one key experience during your time in school (K-12) that had a lasting impact on your life. Describe the type of position you hope to have in the future. Discuss how you feel a master’s degree will help you in your future role(s). Include a quote that symbolizes your belief about education

Example: my professional background i”m a sub- teacher, i went to public school, P.S 335, I.S 391, Martin Luther King HS, i hope to be Guidance counselor ( this is due Tuesday Night before 12 am ) I’m from Brooklyn, New York

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