Discuss how knowledge about health literacy will influence your present and future nursing practice.

Background: Health literacy is the ability to understand and access basic health information and services in order to make informed health decisions.

Purpose of the Assignment: is to provide students with an opportunity to connect the concepts ofhealth literacy and disease prevention and apply these concepts to nursing practice.

1)Provide an introduction including a thesis statement and a purpose statement.

2) Define health literacy and support it with the academic literature.

3) Identify and describe in detail 1 health literacy project undertaken at the local, provincial, or federal level.

4) Demonstrate an ability to think critically about the health literacy project. What do we mean when we talk about thinking critically?

5) Explain how the health literacy project prevents disease.

6) Discuss how knowledge about health literacy will influence your present and future nursing practice.

7) Use as many references as necessary to ground your ideas in the academic literature.

8) Use your APA style manual. You will be graded on creativity, content, critical thinking, spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, citation and referencing style.


– i have chosen some references links
-each quotation you see is something that I dont know whether i should leave as quotation? or summarize? paraphrase? (so I need some help summarizing, paraphrasing, putting into own words AND drawing inferences from those quotations.)

-Each idea under each outcome is a different color, along with its link attached, because i am having a hard time doing in text citations for those references and authors. I need some help with that as well.

Also so the main pages of the essay are to be 3 pages, and then 2 pages include work-cited references, and title page.

All non-quoted paragraphs/lines/words are my own. please do try to edit those as well.

all links are scholarly

if you can help me with the header and footer, that would be great as well.

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