Discuss Business Management Ethics

Business Management Ethics
March 23, 2016 VOSEY PAGES
Term Paper (Case response): Each student will write a typed, double-spaced paper (typically one or two pages in length) analyzing a case raising an ethical issue relevant to the professions.

a. Describe a case arising in the practice of a profession that raises pertinent ETHICAL issues. Include all information about the case relevant to an ethical analysis.
–Note that the case must raise a substantive ethical issue. That usually means that it is not initially clear which course of action is morally best.

b. Develop an Ethical Analysis of the case:
i. What courses of action are available?
ii. What are the relevant values, principles, guiding ideas and weighing factors?
iii. How do these considerations apply to your case?
iv. Give reasons for thinking some of these factors are more central or relevant than others.
v. On the basis of that analysis, which is the best course of action?
vi. What needs to be monitored after the decision is made?


Approximately 250 words