Develop your manuscript on an area of special interest that explores the advanced role specialty of the graduate-prepared research nurse as a member of a multidisciplinary research team.

This paper will include a full, extensive Review of Literature, and authoritative, primary evidence from: Use Headings for Each Topic

? Good clinical practice (GCP) source(s), e.g., regulations, guidance documents.
? One ANA course reference?Code of Ethics or Scope and Standards of Practice.
? One evidence-based (EB) research nursing course reference?Clinical Research Nurse Domain of Practice or Oncology Clinical Trials Nurse Competencies.
o Strong thesis statement
o Background of study
o Define the area of special interest
o Review of Literature
o Nursing Practice and the Safety of the Patient
o Medication Management and the Safety of the Patient
o Patient Security in the Hospital
o Challenges Facing the adoption of the Patient Safety
o ANA ? American Nurses Association) Code ? Pick one ANA
o Good Clinical Practice Resource (References) ? Pick Two
o Discussion
o Conclusion
o Recommendations
o Comprehensive Evidence
A clear, prominent, early thesis statement is essential for this ongoing assignment
The manuscript is prepared using the American Psychological Association (APA) style manual. At this point in your MSN studies, you are expected to be proficient with APA style.
NURS 582 Fall 2015
Instructions for Review of the Literature (ROL) Paper

Dear Students,

Using the topic approved by the professors, you will begin to develop your publishable manuscript by writing a review of the literature (ROL) paper. Oermann& Hays (2016) discuss reviewing & writing a literature review in chapter 4.

The objective is to identify & discuss what is available (and maybe missing) in the published nursing literature on your topic.

• Review 5 articles, each authored by at least one RN& published since 2005 in a peer-reviewed, indexed journal.
o Articles published within 5 years are typically seen as more current.
• Paper length:6-16 pages (1,500-2,000 words), not including title, abstract, search history table(s), and reference pages.
• Use APA for setting-up, formatting, and organizing your paper (American Psychological

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