Develop a five hour instructional nursing course

Develop a five hour instructional nursing course
Develop a course title and description
In the course description, indicate what the student will be able to do at the end of the course (this is the course outcome statement).
Develop two SMART objectives
What is most important to measure in the course?
Develop one non-graded activity (e.g., discussion question to promote participation in class)
Indicate the materials and resources needed for effective teaching and learning during the course
Will you use textbooks for readings?
Will you use a learning management system?
Will you create materials (e.g., case studies, videos, podcasts, and audio files)?
Will you need to procure third-party products?
Will you use any organizational resources like the online library for peer-reviewed articles, the student center, or the simulation lab?
Develop two assignments that measure the objectives
Develop one grading criteria for one of the assignments
Grading criteria can be in the form of a checklist, Likert scale, or rubric, in which faculty would use to grade student assignment deliverables.

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