Describe the main points presented in the Podcast within a minimum 200 word count using APA format including double-spacing.

Podcast Evaluation

Podcast Evaluation. Students will gain experience searching the Web for Podcasts on Healthcare Information Technology. Students will evaluate the quality of the design of and information provided by the Podcast. A Podcast is an audio or audiovisual file that is uploaded to the Internet by an individual or organization. Select a topic that you are interested in that is related to healthcare information technology and/or informatics. There are numerous podcasts on the Internet. For example, you might take your topic and do an Internet search using search engines such as Google or Mozilla Firefox. Be sure to put your topic idea and the word “Podcast” in your search. You might select topics and/or processes that you are using in your practice setting. A podcast that does not have a focus on healthcare information technology and/or informatics will have point deduction according to the rubric for this assignment. Section I, evaluate the integrity of the Podcast. information about the Web source. Describe the main points presented in the Podcast within a minimum 200 word count using APA format including double-spacing. Discussion of main points demonstrates detail, depth, creativity and critical thinking. Section II Students will evaluate four different criteria related to the Podcast. Please provide a narrative description for each of the four criteria within a minimum 50 word count for each criteria using APA format.

These criteria include:(1)Authority and Design(2)Patient-Centered Care(3)Evidence-Based Practice(4)Teaching Foundation The evaluation form utilizes a 1 (Low) to 5 (High) scale. Please place a check mark in the column that is based on your perception of the Web source. There should only be one mark for each of the four areas. For example, if you assigned a value of “5” for each of the four criteria the total score would be 20.Section III Please describe in detail your personal assessment of the Podcast by answering the following questions. The response to the evaluation questions should be written in well-developed, concise and succinct paragraphs. Each response is a minimum of 250 words excluding references using APA format Please be specific with sufficient detail and references to support your response.1.Would you recommend this Podcast to your (1) peers, (2) other healthcare providers and(3) patients (Address each one).Why or why not?2.How would you integrate the Podcast information into your own nursing practice? Describeat least two ways that the Podcast is relevant to your nursing practice. Section IV Scholarly. Writing Writing style allows for clear communication through logical presentation of ideas. Responses should be free from spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure errors.

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