Describe lifestyle changes needed with this initiative.

Background: Health promotion has become priority issues and future directions for health
professions from a world perspective. At the same time, we should be focusing on how to prevent
illnesses personally and within the community. By focusing on individuals, families, communities,
and the environments in which people live, work, and play; the health care professionals today are
vital links for promoting health and preventing illness nationally and internationally. Nurses
today are required to have sufficient knowledge, vision and expertise to provide the education
required to promote healthy living to their clients.

Directions: Construct a paper written in APA format that illustrates your knowledge of the nursing
role in health promotion and/or disease prevention. The following items must be present within the

1.Topic: A health promotion or illness prevention initiative that you can relate to personally. It
should be something that affects you personally, or someone close to you.
2.Choose 1 disease process to guide your writing. This can be a chronic or an acute illness.
3.Address any ethical issues that exist, if any, with this initiative.
4.Describe lifestyle changes needed with this initiative.
5.Include patient education that is needed for this initiative.
6.Utilize at least 5 reliable resources.

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