Describe how you will approach an inventory of technology for your nursing department or unit

You are the manager of a nursing department. A new chief executive officer (CEO) has taken over the top leadership position and is requiring every nurse manager to develop at least one innovative strategy to promote quality patient care. Utilizing the nursing process as your guide, you will formulate a plan for an innovation in patient care delivery for an entire nursing department or unit. You are charged with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive and complete plan that addresses all technology services in your nursing department or unit. For this assignment, prepare a report of 3–5 pages that describes the plan for innovation in patient care delivery in the nursing department or unit. It should include all of the following: Title page Introduction: This should explain what the paper is about including the purpose of your report. Assessment: Identify the area, service, or product requiring innovation. Describe how you will approach an inventory of technology for your nursing department or unit, and how you will prioritize your findings. Diagnosis: Diagnose (Identify) problems and discuss how and why innovation is needed. Plan: Your suggestions and recommendations for action. You may wish to include the following: Examine the literature surrounding and supporting your area of innovation. Recommend the strategies and processes needed to effectively complete this innovation in the organization while protecting patient safety and quality of care. Outline the steps that are needed to put the innovation into practice. Evaluation: Suggests 2–3 questions that will measure the innovation’s effectiveness.

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