Describe how a library user will benefit from describing the item in this way within a library catalog.

Write the answer in a simple way do not use complex words .the writer should have knowledge about library & info science in the Cataloging RDA/ Cutter/ FRBR. there are three questions 1 & 2 in one page and 3 Q. in a full page.
. Cite your sources if you directly quote or paraphrase a source. Use in-text citations and list your sources at the end of your answer. 1- Review Charles Cutters Objects and Means for a library catalog. Now consider RDA as a manual for achieving those objectives. Identify two specific RDA instructions (meaning: include the RDA rule number) that help make Cutters objectives an achievable reality. Briefly discuss your choices and how each will make Cutter happy.
2- Think about the item as it relates to the FRBR Group 1 Entities (Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item). Then (1) Discuss attributes of your item at the Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item level, and (2) Describe how a library user will benefit from describing the item in this way within a library catalog. In other words, how would a FRBR-ized catalog look and perform differently from current catalogs?( the item is a novel written by American author in specific period of civil war.
3-the answer should be 250 words of this question: if you are a cataloger and you work at a library, why they should keep you if they have a fund problem. You just graduated from library school and you were fortunate to be hired as a cataloging librarian at your neighborhood library – the Bliss Public Library. Your immediate supervisor thinks you have done a great job so far, but there have been major rumblings about lack of funding from the Library Board. Your job is on the line, due in large part to the Boards continuing conviction that cataloging just isnt worth it. In a rare moment of mercy, the Board has given you a chance to talk to them directly. You have the opportunity to convince them that the work of the cataloger is critical to the success of the library.
discuss your presentation to the Board. Choose two things you feel make the best case for the role of cataloging. Reflect upon the work you have done this semester and consider everything we discussed. When choosing your points to argue, keep in mind the benefits for the catalog user. Support your case with specific examples and cite at least two of the course readings (articles and/or textbooks) in your answer.
note related to Q3; the work of our semester is how to catalog books under the RDA roles with MARC record (original cataloging)
text books: 1-The Organization of Information by Taylor, Arlene .

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