Describe and explain how your four cases demonstrate the laws various application.

The following assignment is worth a possible 100 points and MUST BE TURNED IN

TO TURNITIN.COM. Your final paper must be at least 1800 words in length,

excluding your Works Cited page, and include the following information:

1. Introduction

A. Identify/explain your topic. It is appropriate to include your approved thesis

statement. Example: How has Californias Stalking Law, Penal Code Section 646.9, been

applied since it was created in 1990?

B. Describe your reason for selecting your topic. (What aspects of the topic do you find

interesting: legal, historical, sociological, psychological, political, etc.) Also, identify where in

the text (page number) or in which class lecture your topic was discussed.

2. Facts This will be the bulk of your paper

A. History, laws, cases, policies, statistics, examples, etc. Note: As a law class, you

must necessarily focus on a legal analysis of your topic. As such: You must include at

least four actual cases where this law/legal issue been adjudicated.

B. Analyze the creation, application, and current status of your legal issue.

1.) From a historical legal perspective (when, why and how it was created), and

2.) From a contemporary legal perspective (how is your legal issue dealt with

today – how has it evolved from its inception).

3.) Describe and explain how your four cases demonstrate the laws various


4.) Conclusion – your thoughts based upon your research.

3. Identify at least four sources (only one textbook) in proper Works

Cited format.

Your final paper will be graded on the depth and rigor of your research,

continuity of ideas, critical thinking, MLA format, and college-level writing.

Special Note: Your final paper must contain proper MLA citation and Works Cited. Any

final paper without MLA format will automatically fail. No exceptions. There are

numerous links on our Moodle page to assist students who need help with their writing or

MLA format. I am also willing to proof read reports up to four days before the due

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